Monday, January 15, 2018

Gorgeous Garden Haul

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Summer Scene

On the other side of this pretty pastel picture are lounging ladies who lunch chatting in the Sunday summer sun. Pretty simple and pretty color, too. A very relaxing respite had the youth in them brewing in the form of mini pedis fueled by espressos. With a combined fifteen offspring, it's very well deserved. Good day, sunshine.

Monday, January 1, 2018

ComPleat Black

I never really get out of black. Here's a glimpse of the monotone magic that ensues each time I step out. All black. My comfort zone from head to toe/finger (seen here) since days of yore. Is it a color or isn't it? Slimming? Funeral attire? So many boring questions about black. Just accept it. It's fabulous in any form any day. 

On the LBD: These oh so carefully pleated dreamy layers seen here are one of a kind by designer Dame Trelise Cooper and generously gifted to me this holiday season. Few do what Trelise does. These pleats are next level. True Story: I was once a young model who was cast to walk in a show where an unnamed designer had his perfectly pleated show garments insured separately. They are a serious artistic design element and I appreciate their existence so much so that I rang in the new year all pleated up.

Thank you, Dame Trelise for this beautiful black number and your version of the perfect pleats. I feel compleat for a new year.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Latest Fare from Strawberry Fare

Here's a glimpse at our latest fare from Strawberry Fare. It's far more than fair. It's damn delicious. Gander at that goodness, please. Locally sourced foods, locally owned and with the perfect people gazing vantage point if you dine upstairs. Take your dining experiences to the next level in the new year. Use this post as food inspiration: local, delicious & healthy. Could a cool couple ask for anything more of a hot spot? I don't think so.
Happy New Year. Xx