Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kharma Accessory Style

I was always taught that giving at least one genuine compliment to someone each day was good Kharma. I've tried to stay true to that, but in a fast paced world, we quickly move towards the goal without stopping to take notice of the little things. Well, this amethyst ring made me stop and take notice. It's a custom made silver setting and it reflects the most remarkable light witch is definitely what caught my eye. I immediately paid the compliment and snapped this photo. The wearer was quite stoked by my adoration and a big hug followed that. I love a big and silver accessories, as well.

I'm spreading this stylishly good Kharma with you all.

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Shoot To Shop

Shooting people is what I do. It's what fuels me. I'll shoot kids, families, art and  musicians. I love it. There is no carnage involved. Just me with my camera taking photos of all the real life that comes my way. Photoshoots pay for the shopping trips. Doing what I love allows me to shop for what I love. It's a win/win really, and though a long time in the making, it's worth every click and luxury expense.

Here are my latest shots of the very talented guitarist Matt Hall. Enjoy.

For the full gallery, click here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

DON'T Buy Fakes: Gucci v. Alibaba

Don't buy fakes is the battle cry heralded from stylists and fashionistas galore when it comes to luxury goods. E-commerce makes it difficult to tell the real from the fake so be sure to shop from accredited or licensed brand stores. It's illegal to sell counterfeit items on any forum. It cheats both the supplier and consumer. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Instapost: Shopping and Champagne

Is there any better way to shop? No.

Conditional Emptiness

This emptiness happened this morning. Not emotional. It's conditional. Pureology is perfection for the curly haired lot. It's an everyday thing for me as I embrace my ethnicity and happily keep conditioning my locks. Until this morning when I ran out. Off to the shops I went to restock on the candy-smelling concoction made from all the best things on earth. I vow to never run out again so yessum, I purchased two tubs of goodness.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sharing is Stylishly Caring

For a few weeks now, I've coveted my friend's Italian strappy bracelet. It's black and slightly bling-y in a subtle color. An ideal accessory because it pairs with a plethora of looks. Like myself, said friend has acquired quite a hefty collection from her travels around the world. This sparkling number won my heart immediately and she obliged when I asked to borrow it.The best of friends let you borrow.
I'm off to cook in style because she'll be a guest at my dinner table for Taco Tuesday tonight. I'll have to return it but it won't be easy. At all.
Così è la vita.