Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge Comes to NZ In Style

The Duchess of Cambridge dazzles in Jenny Packham. 

See the latest post over at Real Life Salvation all about Kate Middleton's first visit to New Zealand. She was spotted in a custom Jenny Packham (more on that later) looking gorgeous (of course) while doing her traveling duties for Mother England. 

Even the Future King is having a good time as a tiny diplomat.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

The BBB: Big Black Bag

This is one of those essential posts that has information you may already know but sometimes a little reminder is needed to keep up with the game. The big black bag. My BBB (Big Black Bag). It is a key accessory to have in your wardrobe one of which you cannot have too many of. There is no room for a gallery of my favorites because it would be pages long. It is absolutely my style color of choice and if my past stylists didn't push me every once in a while, my entire clothing collection would be stark black. Black is never boring which is why I highly suggest you shopping for a very high quality black bag that can be used daily and travel when needed. Think carry-on size. One that's dependable, dark and holds everything. I'm a busy mom with lots to do and need it all with me. Wallet, tissues, snack pack, notepad, wipes, pen, 2 pair of sunglasses, sunblock, mail, mints, stickers and actually the last goes on and on. The BBB hides it all. Shopsmart, buy luxury if you can and it'll last forever. #happyshopping

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Shopping Choices: It's All In The Wrists

Whether you shop for accessories at Charming Charlies or Tiffany & Co., you stylistas are aware of the bangles, bracelets, and cuffs that are taking over dainty little wrists everywhere. We have the above pieces currently in mind to add to the collection that is mounting on my arm. There are so many choices for this trend lately that you can mix, match, add and decrease as your daily style demands.
We spotted the trend on a very stylish friend a while back and since then wrists have been lighting up. Spikes, brass, hemp and gold are just some of what we've seen. Have a look, get inspired and #happyshopping.

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Matchy matchy at Beer Fest 2014.
Silver and gold spikes. #trendoverload

Stylish while creating art over at Real Life Salvation

Lindi Kingi Designs all made in New Zealand
Lava beads are a luxe natural element.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Well, #INEVERTHOUGHTTHISWOULDHAPPEN. But I must dissect it. She is beautiful with a body shape that is redefining the feminine figure in fashion. He is a rap mogul whose love/hate bromance inside of my husband's head is comical yet I embrace all of Yeezy's dope rhymes. That is not the point. Fashion icon? Cover worthy? Have you had enough? Whatever your thoughts are, these two have the world talking and with this latest development below, they have crossed a very fine line here. It's the moment when Posh Spice became Victoria Beckham. Think Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. 

Photo by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue April 2014

There is a whole juggernaut behind the celebrity but no question Kim Kardashian's style is one to watch as she wears clothes from some of the most fashionable designers in the business. Givenchy, Celine, Tom Ford, Alaia, even hand made designer baby clothes for their daughter are in her possession. She sat front row at many a fashion week show this year, even attending couture shows in Paris, and was the requisite amazing do so. He even has his own line. Perhaps some of her past options we would not have chosen but doesn't every person go through this? Many a past outfit choice for me has been questionable but I love clothes and was inspired by Vogue at a very young age so creating fearless adolescent outfits as I transitioned life is how I worked out my style and still am. This happens at many phases in our lives and as dynamics and roles change so does our style. I think that Kimye are just working it all out: life, kids, tv shows, music, media, and style. Now they are working it out with the help of Vogue. That's a huge help. I hope they send Anna Wintour the largest and most grandiose delivery of flowers anyone at Conde Nast has ever seen. That would be very nice and absolutely indicative of their mutual style.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Sale in Christchurch

Caution: Nerd Alert! Book and sale are two favorite words in our everyday life. Here's what happens when worlds collide. If you live in Christchurch, then you are very lucky. Click here for more info.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spotting Louboutin

Oh there they are. Those iconic and patented red bottoms. I spotted them out & about as summer wraps up here in the southern hemisphere. They are gorgeous Christian Louboutin platform sandals purchased in New York at Bergdorf Goodman. She admittedly snatched up... well not quite a dozen but definitely a substantial addition to the shoe closet.
Louboutin had reinvented the high heel and taken the stiletto heel to new heights with some designs reaching nearly 5 inches. Process are nearly as high and a quick search on resulted in 80 pair ranging in price from $750-$4000. These gorgeous shoes have become synonymous with luxury style and considering the French designer grew up with 3 sisters it's no surprise he's on the mark with fashionable footwear.
A former high school drop out, Louboutin now boasts homes in Lisbon, Luxor, Aleppo, a castle in Vendee and a houseboat on the Nile, shoes have definitely paid off.
I own many shoes but don't own a pair of Liuboutin's so I'm enjoying taking a gander at these. You enjoy them, too here or perhaps with purchasing your own pair.