Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spending Sunday In My Abode With abode.

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sober Sunday

After a week of work and busy whatnot I come to a place on most Sundays where I need to just be away for a moment. This usually requires a walk in the garden. It creates a sobering effect in a way that only nature can. I sometimes think of it as free therapy. I also sometimes think it could be repressed religious guilt. Whatever the case, the stroll that saved me $150 and a car ride also allowed me to quickly snap this spider web. By the looks of it he's been quite busy as well. But guess what? We're all busy. Better to be busy than bored but allow for some downtime. Even the spider takes a break.

Good bye, morning garden. I'll miss you. There are now several children simultaneously in need of my attention.

Pic's Perfection

I first spotted Pic's at The Food Show a few years back. It was love at first sight and then I got home and became obsessed, having the large jars shipped to us. Now, it's a way of life. I regularly catch someone eating it directly from the jar. Kids are great. It's no wonder, though. Pic's is the best peanut butter there is and it took this American girl to come around the world to find it. Smooth is our preference especially considering our mass consumption of PB & J sandwiches. Did you know? Peanut butter is packed with protein and potassium plus lots of other positive health benefits. Pic's is our perfect anytime pick. Pictured here in a late night shot as it smartly served as the centerpiece for a very late night snack. Get some.
(This article is not to tempt those who suffer from anaphylaxis due to ingesting peanuts. For you, I'm truly sorry. There are lots of other things almost as good as Pic's.)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Repost by Demand: Encompass

It's been 3 years since I did this write-up and to this day, I get asked where I shop for jeans. The only place is the best place and that's Encompass. It's THE shop. Benji is THE man. He has a way and it's a good one in regards to the fitting of the jeans. He's a Jeanius as far as the fashion savvy are concerned and I've seen him work fashion miracles.

In Christchurch? Pop into The Tannery and visit the jean whisperer for a truly wardrobe enhancing experience. My jeans love began with Mr. Strauss and continues on with Benji. #shopsmart