Sunday, April 17, 2016

Secret Shopping at Lynn Woods

We have always adhered to the #smartshopping laws of shopping locally. Lynn Woods allows us to do just that with style unmatched. So this weekend, we sent in a few secret shoppers to the Victoria St. boutique to carefully select choices for our readers to indulge in. Here are our top choices featuring all the latest trends to get you inspired. Go in-store or click here to start shopping!

Happy shopping. Xx

Joey Cord Pant. $199

Adriano Goldshmied. $499
Lack of Color. $89
Bird & Knoll. $349

Any fabulous fur. Various prices.

Cooper (coat). $499
Loobie's Story. $299

Morrison. $369

Lynn Woods Fashion Show 2016

Last week, we attended the Lynn Woods Fashion Show. This event has become a fashion staple in the city as Lynn Woods is a fashion icon. I purchased some of my first ever pieces in Christchurch from the Victoria St. boutique that is known for it's top quality designers and highly skilled staff that assist with styling and outfit selection no matter the customer or occasion. It was a short but sweet affair held at Matisse featuring models from top NZ agency Portfolio Models that properly displayed all of the hot trends for the upcoming seasons. Why was this show so great? The stylings were bang on with the clientele. Lynn Woods and her team catered to different age groups, price ranges and body shapes/sizes. It is rare for a boutique show to hit all the marks but they did. Well done, ladies.

Hats, muted tones, furs, floral and jeans were on the fashion menu. 
(BTW black is definitely back) 

I love these shows because you can shop straight from the runway and capture the style for yourself in-store by shopping locally.

Here are a few shots from the show. Enjoy. Xx

Monday, August 24, 2015

English Boots Made For Walking

Here are photos of two totally different boots but with crucial similarities. Both are English made long-term investment meant for walking and looking cool. Dirty Doc Martens and pristine Grenson Shoes. Impeccably well made and they suit a multitude of styles. Get inspired by them both to live a really nice life and walk proudly doing so.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Gift of Gold: Linden Leaves Bath Salts

The next best thing to giving gifts is receiving them. Today, I celebrate the latter because I was gifted gold. Linden Leaves of New Zealand has devoted themselves to creating effective natural products made from the best ingredients. Now they've introduced their Gold range that takes natural luxury to another level. With flecks of real 24 karat gold, Linden Leaves' gold bath salt with amaranth and red rice creates the ultimate bath soak. It is made with natural New Zealand sea salt that detoxifies and nourishes the skin. The delicious smell that radiates from the bathroom is intoxicating and you will find yourself relaxed beyond belief.

Follow these instructions the next time you have 20 minutes of alone time:

Draw a warm bath

Sprinkle a few spoonfuls of gold-filled salts.

Soak and relax.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Investing Florally in Your Mental Wealth

Life tip: Shop for real flowers whenever possible.
They bring life to any room, smell beautifully and display absolutely stunningly. Studies have shown that exposing yourself to fresh flowers can create longevity and vitality. If you have already invested in a cutting garden, then aren't you super clever? You'll save heaps on cut flower costs as buying fresh can seem expensive.
To save when flower shopping, think outside of the rose box.
Ask the florist for what grows locally. How long will they last? You don't have to purchase bundles. Just a few freshly cut flowers displayed on a table can do wonders for the psyche. That's worth every penny. Consider it mental wealth.
Enjoy this photographic floral collection from our real life.