Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Investing Florally in Your Mental Wealth

Life tip: Shop for real flowers whenever possible.
They bring life to any room, smell beautifully and display absolutely stunningly. Studies have shown that exposing yourself to fresh flowers can create longevity and vitality. If you have already invested in a cutting garden, then aren't you super clever? You'll save heaps on cut flower costs as buying fresh can seem expensive.
To save when flower shopping, think outside of the rose box.
Ask the florist for what grows locally. How long will they last? You don't have to purchase bundles. Just a few freshly cut flowers displayed on a table can do wonders for the psyche. That's worth every penny. Consider it mental wealth.
Enjoy this photographic floral collection from our real life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Loving My Legskins

At the moment I snapped this fireside photo, I realized I had spent almost the entirety of winter with a second pair of skin on my legs. Legskins by New Zealand brand Courage My Love are made for hot yoga out of technical sporting fabric. The brand uses real artists to create fashionable, wearable pieces of artwork that can go from the studio to a dinner party. From fitness to fashion. I layer them under my skirts to add that extra pop to my ensembles.
As a yoga devotee of thirteen years, I have gone through all of the brands in search of the ideally fitting pant. Most pants shrink or pill which is simply annoying while in the middle of doing Sun Salutations. Not an issue with these legskins. I wish I had had Courage My Love over a decade ago, especially during my hot yoga classes while I was pregnant and nothing fit. These pants are movable, allowing comfort for every body shape in every position. They are lightweight and hold in place during those difficult workout moments when you are being pushed to the limit.
Speaking of those moments, the small photo is of me as part of the brand's most recent media release. I was asked to do a shoot and be featured moving in Courage My Love's latest Freedom Legskins so I flew like a butterfly. Literally, I did sprints for a good majority of the shoot in order to get the right shot for the promo. It was one of the most enjoyably challenging moments of my life but I think the butterfly laden pants did most of the work. They look amazing and feel the same.

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with yoga instructor and Courage My Love designer Persephone Singfield, whose leg is featured in the photos to the right. She was enjoying a very remote winter respite and garnering inspiration for the brand's next moves. Her brand already features artistic designs, zero-waste printing and an eco-friendly manufacturing structure-what else is there?!

Join the Courage My Love click on Instagram and you could win big! Click here for details. 
Contest ends 10th Sept 2015.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Handy Hat Tip

One of the reasons I enjoy photography is that I get to talk to people. Many children and adults like to chat while being photographed and I like to talk right back. Stories are great and you never know what you can find out. I'm a vault for stories, but this is a handy tip that I must and also asked permission to share with you.
Washing your baseball caps on the top rack of your dishwasher gets them sparkling clean. Brilliant. Just like the white of this cap seen here.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Storm Trooper Style

While out doing man things with my testosterone laden crew, I spotted Storm Trooper style. I snapped a quick photo as requests for pictured hat came beckoning forth from the tiniest member of said crew. It is very cool even if it's from the dark side.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Even In Sickness There's Chanel

My entire crew has been virally reduced to a base level of existence. Winter sickness has crept in and despite my sluggish state, I've to keep on moving. I've had little desire to doll myself up, refused a few dinner reservations and wiped the activities slate clean, but there are some things that must go on. Photoshoots, doctor's appointments and grocery runs are necessary despite no desire. Chanel gives me motivation and I found one sweep of gloss across my lips did exactly what it needed to do. A style boost to get me going because I simply don't have time for ugly sickness.

Chanel is a luxuriously good cure like that and I'm smiling big now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Instapost: Dragonfly Dreams

I've added this sterling silver Dragonfly necklace to my wishlist. It's locally handcrafted from natural beads by designer Jo James and her eco-luxury line Tulip Me. This necklace's simplicity make it a very versatile piece for the wardrobe, and, of course, black goes with everything.