Monday, February 28, 2011

This One's in the Bag: Envirosax Mixes Functionality and Style

There are few times in my life that a product has come in and completely changed things. I prefer to keep it simple and change slowly before jumping into the new trends. There was one major social change that came along that I just could not ignore especially because it dealt directly with shopping. Bringing and recycling your own bags is here and is going nowhere. There has been a definite shift in the way Americans are shopping today because we are encouraged to bring our own bags to the markets in order to cut down on waste. The public has embraced this change because it is a good one. By taking your own bags you save hundreds of bags from going to the landfill everyday. That means less emissions to make them, more space on this planet, and every shopper is able to make this small change that has a big impact.

This idea was so brilliant and I wanted to prove to the world that I was on board so I proceeded to obtain bags from every place I shopped. Target, the grocery store, Nordstrom, and even the Circle K paid its respect to the bag movement by selling their own reusable bags. Canvas ones, though a bit more pricey, had colorful logos and I splurged on one every once in a while. Pretty soon I had myself a full collection of random shopping bags. I keep them in the trunk of my car and at some point they were beginning to take over. They were all odd shaped bags and I never could maneuver them into useful order. I sought another solution and needed one quickly. Into my life walked these whimsical market bags by Envirosax.

Where do I begin?? I purchased the above set as a gift and these bags are so amazing that I wish I could give one to all the shoppers I know. Here are a few key points to show you why these reusable market bags have found a place in my heart and home.

Versatility. The bags come in up to sets of 5 and each one of mine serve many purposes. From the market, to the butcher, to a trip to Gap, these bags hold anything and I take them every time I go shopping. They are so light and soft, that they can be folded right back up and put into their matching carrying pouch.

Super Strong. From the long handles to the deeply cut interior, these bags are tough. Especially the 100% Organic ones which are made partly with hemp, which
is one of the strongest known materials in terms of durability. They are able to hold up to 40 lbs. which is about the equivalent of 2 large grocery bags. Now, that's a lot of storage space, especially if you buy a full set.

Artfully Designed.
Anyone who is a stickler for fashion will love the fact that there are so many different designs to choose from. Envirosax offers graphic, children and solid design options to fit everyones tastes. I purchased this
Sesame Street set for my children to carry to places like school, the library and long car trips into the city. They absolutely love filling them up with their things and the compliments fly whenever people see them carrying their Envirosax bags.

I purchased my sets at Red Envelope for $39.95 which will pay for
itself within the first few uses if you just remember to put them back into
your car for the next shopping trip.
Who knew shopping could be so great for the environment?!

Tip: I allow my bags to air out each shopping trip for about 30 min.
Click here to see how Envirosax recommends caring for their bags.
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