Tuesday, May 10, 2011

App-solutely Stylish

The phrase “Spring Clean” terrifies me. The very idea of getting rid of one piece that I painlessly searched for and then wear with boastful pride has remained for quite some time, just that. An idea. But it is time to make that idea a reality which is what I am doing in my home this week. I am throwing out the old to make room for the new. This mantra helps me to get over the sadness of this process and also reminds me that there will be room for all of the fabulous new things. For shopping tips on the process of purging and finding bargains these articles will help you. What will also help you is my new *favorite app- Stylish Girl Did you know there are hundreds of new apps produced for mobile devices on a weekly basis?
It is estimated that by 2016 users will download over 44 billion mobile apps. With this influx of seemingly necessary apps, how does a savvy shopper decide which app works the best for them? Let me highlight some of Stylish Girls features and I bet the decision will be made for you.

Why do I love this app? I absolutely love this app because I use it daily to keep track of my entire wardrobe. This app was presented by Apple at New York Fashion Week and has come to be a style and wardrobe essential. Its user friendly interface manages to organize your closet, suitcase, wish list, calendar of when you wore what, and on, and on. This is my dream app because it simply keeps my wardrobe organized. I need all of the assistance I can get in that department and it serves as the perfect closet companion keeping you looking posh & put together everyday. Planning outfits and keeping track of what you wore when is so easy that you will find yourself doing it all of the time. Soon, you will have collected an index of your outfits with the ability to modify your styles for different occasions. How luxurious would it be to basically create your own personalized line that you can refer to & update as you purchase and get rid of pieces? Stylish Girl takes you to the next level even if only in your personal closet...

Ready for another perk? As the eternal bargain hunter it is a serious bonus that this app saves me money. OCD- Over Color Disorder. This is characterized by a closet full of pieces all in the same color. I suffer from this disorder and my color of choice is black. I cannot count the number of pants, wallets, blouses, watches and shoes that I have in my beloved darkest of the dark hue. I’m ready to take control of my OCD & admit that I really don’t need any more black in my wardrobe. Sylish Girl will help you to treat this disorder by allowing you to see, with the touch of a finger, what items you already have in & in what color. I love it. (But, I’ll never abandon you black!) You will be shopping smartly which is the best type of shopping you can do. Knowing what you own is essential to creating a lasting wardrobe because repetition is never a good thing when it comes to clothes. Think showmanship. Stylish Girl begins at the ground up by organizing what we have so that we can shop with a clear head.

My one problem with this app is that it's called Stylish "Girl" when it is so clearly useful to both sexes. This may deter men who could seriously use this app to become more fashion focused. Or for those Metro types who love the threads as much as we do. I see a Stylish Boy on the horizon. Same app, different name.**

Most people will tell you that I am not a tech person at all. At all. So this is pretty big if I am raving about iPhone apps. I also cried when my previous iPhone broke (pink screen?) but my latest one is running strong for almost 3 years now. Knock on wood. So fill those already app cluttered devices with one more app. Just be sure to put Stylish Girl on the first screen. It's on mine!

*I must give a nod to all barcode apps. This is also a pretty nifty item to have in your shopping arsenal. Just don’t get frustrated as these are not the same quality as the stores use so you may have to adjust the barcode to scan it properly. Also, some hard to find items may not show up under product searches. They are amazing for shopping trips when there is not a price tag in sight. These apps are definitely worth a swipe.

**5/11/11 Update: The creators of Stylish Girl, DDN Media, Inc. emailed to inform us that there is a version for the guys out there called Cool Guy.