Thursday, April 21, 2011

Countdown to Earth Day: Find Your Match

There are 3 more days until Earth Day and in an effort to continue my stylish spin on Going Green, I pledged today and urge you to do the same.
Act 2. Dine Locally.
This is a difficult task as my family is pretty far removed, residing in the foothills of the Cascade Mts. I also am an avid cook and we enjoy my culinary creations at least twice a day everyday. I give myself grace for the occasional cereal breakfasts’ and Teriyaki take-out. However, when my husband and I do dine out, we go for gold. He is extremely picky when it comes to restaurants and I usually go and test it out before I coax him into going. There have been some definite misses over the last decade but I don’t think that he will have any issues with my latest local find which is within walking distance to our home.

Match Coffee & Wine combines old world class with chic sophistication making this shop the newest place to be in town. This week happens to be Spring Break for my crew so I scheduled in some much needed alone time both before and during the break to keep my motivation high during the week at home with the children. I visited Match with each opportunity to break free from the house. Saturday night for drinks with a friend where I enjoyed a light Italian Rose and a live acoustic guitar duo. I returned on Tuesday morning for coffee with my masseuse and sipped on a humongous caramel macchiato and both of us had a granola with yogurt which featured dates and cranberries. It was all delectable.

Match boasts sumptuous lattes and wine-inspired teas in the morning that can be paired with these local Rainy Day Bakery treats pictured here. In the evening they have an extensive wine list that includes wineries from Europe to Washington. They keep it elegant yet simple in the kitchen with items like panninis, salads and flat breads. Their dessert menu is unique including a warm date and gorgonzola treat that I plan on sharing with my husband when we return.
The luxe environment that you are enveloped in upon entering is quite unsuspecting based on the street facing front.There is a stylish European feel to the place with bottles of water and simple flower arrangements accompanying place settings. The coffee bar is immaculate and classically trained barristas serve up steaming hot cups of brew in heavy white mugs.
Something about classic white dishes makes food so much better...
There are rich leather couches surrounding a brick fireplace and extra high bar stools that invite you to lounge until close, which I did on Saturday night. But owners Charlie & Jolene were so inviting, that it was
hard to leave.Their passion was evident as they described the details and dedication that it takes to run a high end outfit like Match. From the repurposing of the oak barrels that serve as tables stands to the personal lives of the week’s visiting vintner, they are seriously involved business owners and it shows.
On both of my visits, the place was packed.

I loved the eclectic mix of clientele because they created
a vibe that was intriguing, relaxing and luxurious all at the same time. Local loggers, software developer wives, interviewers, and civic meeting members were amongst the patrons at quick glance on my Tuesday morning visit. Located less than 20 min. from Microsoft, Duvall is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington State and is surrounded by many nearby towns and cities like Redmond, Woodinville, Carnation and Monroe that bring daily commuters into the city. However, don’t let the rural setting fool you. Residents definitely live the good life with a median income of close to $120,000/year. I’ve always described Duvall as little bit hippie and a little bit yuppie. For me, this is the perfect blend and Match offers a welcoming place for us all.

Amazing and consistent customer service even when they became very busy is a key reason to come back again and again. The staff acknowledged and greeted their regulars and informed newbies like myself of menu features. The price was most definitely right allowing me to leave a pretty good tip on both visits. Family & friends will say that my husband and I
are pretty cheap tippers but this time, I left over 20%. Hey, they are a new business & they truly deserved it. They definitely went above and beyond what most eateries do today.

Opting for local dining establishments is made easy if you remember the good that you are doing sweet Mother Earth as well as sticking to the standards that I always urge you to stick by. Don’t choose a place simply because it’s convenient. Quality is essential especially

when it comes to food. Living the luxe life allows some of us to dine out and break away from the kitchen for a bit or just grab a cup of coffee. Find a local place of your own and if you follow the tips below, you will find yourself a real boutique eatery that will truly cater to you.

3 Eco-Friendly tips to finding your own Match so you can dine out all while saving our precious planet:

1. Search close to home (within 15 miles or less)

2. Look for a great, reasonably priced, local menu

3. Frequent places with friendly customer service. Don't return if service is sub par.

"Nearly everyone wants at least one outstanding meal a day."

-Duncan Hines

Match Coffee & Wine is located on Main St. in Duvall, WA.