Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I am seeing around town...

Around town I am seeing sparkles everywhere and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am a Southern girl, for sure, but I’ve traveled around quite a bit. Different regions have different styles that are very much unique to them. From big hair in the SW to flannel shirts in the PNW, styles have the ability to characterize a place and I’ve found a few of these stereotypes to be true. Childhood Summers spent in New York City instilled my love for sleek black ensembles.

Accessories have gotten somewhat placed on the back burner with the focus being more on luxe items like bags and shoes. While Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin have somewhat cornered the market on those accessories, what I am seeing this season are bejeweled pieces for the head, hands, and heart. The large diamonds and rhinestones reflect the light as if to signal a change is coming. I am thrilled to see sparkles showing up from coast to coast this Spring. Here are a few pics of what I have seen around town and on our travels. Random pics but enjoy the gallery below.

This amazing piece is from Anthropologie. How gorgeous, right? I love it’s versatility as I can see it dressed up for dinner in the city at night. Buy versatile pieces like this to get the most bang for your buck. I urge you to buy all pieces so that they have the possibility of being worn with several outfits especially when you are spending money on luxury style pieces. Even costume jewelry should be selected and worn wisely, allowing you to benefit the most out of your investment.

These rings were spotted at a local upscale boutique. They are youthful and flirty which is perfect for the rejuvenation that Spring brings. The various colors and amazing price ($13) are all handmade by Deborah Funches. They are so unique and made of precious stones that, with care, will last a lifetime. The organic feel that these have is paired with a sophisticated appeal making these custom pieces true works of art.

This headband was purchased at a discount store. Think Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. I normally do not have the patience for these types of stores but bargains are to be had if you have PATIENCE. This headband is perfect and does just the trick for an everyday outfit. The geometric pattern is bejeweled giving it a rich texture. It makes a simple headband so sexy and less utilitarian. These pieces are being brought into the daytime and worn to casual events which is a shift in the right direction. It is time to amp up our fashion levels, folks! Even a simple headband can do the trick.

This show stoppa’ was spotted on the city street and immediately caught my eye. I soon found out why... The very charming owner claims it is from my beloved Tiffany & Co. and she received it simply, “As a gift.” Nice... You be the judge and if it is the one seen below, then it set her beau back a pretty penny, as this is the Tiffany Legacy Ring priced at $710,000. Yes. That is right. I did not *tutter. A bit (err...way) out of my price range but fitting for the shining season, nonetheless.

Even some men’s accessories like this watch seen here from Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Omega are getting the royal treatment. I would consider this an extreme luxury accessory and the owner of this piece most likely has many, many, more in his bureau. I guess diamonds are not just a girls best friend anymore...

From the discount store, to men to Tiffany & Co., this seasons hottest bejeweled trend has something for us all. The shops are full of accessories to give your everyday outfits a boost so go out there and glam it up a bit. Be cautious though. Don’t don too many pieces at once. You will look ridiculous and perhaps slightly resemble a disco ball especially with the sunlight. You want a piece or two that says, “I too, like my stylish accessory, am amazing and shine all over!” Happy Shopping!

*Tutter (tut-ter) verb.
1. To accidentally mistype something and not have a chance to go back and edit it before the world reads it.

**See also Twutter in future blogs