Sunday, May 1, 2011

Signs of Spring

A few signs to reassure myself that it is really Spring.

Because today was a gorgeous yet unfortunately record low temp. day in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve compiled a list of a few observations that indicate that it MUST be Spring despite all the signs currently pointing to quite the contrary. This Texas girl is freezing to death so creating a list for mental reassurrence is what usually works best for me. Here goes...

1. I saw a baby Bald Eagle in the wild a few weeks ago.
2. My glorious Hostas have broken ground.
3. My son received a Garden Gnome from the Easter Bunny.
4. I saw the sun. For real.
5. I am only wearing 3 layers of clothing now.
6. I have dreams of flowers.
7. I’ve made another list just like this one entitled, “Essential Pieces to Shop for This Spring”. Stay tuned...

It’s April and if you are still cold like I am (and probably will be until June) please feel free to refer to the above list as necessary to give yourself a mental warm-up. I know I will be.