Monday, May 9, 2011

The Legacy Continues: How I spent my Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful day. I usually don’t give in to the propagana that surrounds "holidays" like this but posted this article about the true meaning of Mother’s Day. I did honor my own mother and Mother in Law in my previous post because they are the very reason I am who I am today. I will always love them, cherish their legacy and the true meaning of Mother’s Day that Anna Jarvis intended.

However, I did take the liberty of indulging in some seriously evolved Mother’s Day behavior. I am not the kind of mother that expects anything from my children or husband. In fact, the day spent with them is really all that I need to be happy. It is because of them that I am a mother. So today we spent it together and of, course as always made plenty of time for shopping.

Sundays in our family are time for big family brunches and time spent lazing at home before we begin our hectic week full of meetings, schools, and activities. Together, my husband and I prep a lavish brunch ranging from organic whole-wheat pancakes to a steel cut oat buffet. This is our only time spent together in the kitchen so we definitely cherish the time together and our kids
love the generous spread we provide for this once a week meal. Anyone who has been a guest in our home recently on a Sunday has helped us establish this new tradition.

This Sunday, in honor of Me, we departed from our Sunday leisure and headed into Seattle. Just so you know, like clockwork, we venture to Seattle twice a month to stock up on seasonal fresh fish and crab. The local fare is so choice that it’s worth the trek for us. We love our city, the surrounding areas, and always try to support local.

But this time we ditched our fish mongering friends and started the afternoon off at the palate pleasing Taste Restaurant located inside of The Seattle ArtMuseum (SAM). We are pretty avid art supporters and have been members of the museum for years as one of our ways to give back to the art community. One of the many SAM membership perks is that you receive 10% off your meals at Taste with a membership.
Pretty good deal especially for my growing family and it is an amazing way to give back. We make room for it in our budget each year even if we don’t make it down there to visit as much as we want to.

The play area seen here is located right down the stairs from Taste. It's bright, clean and eco-friendly as many of the toys and decor are made by Green companies.

Taste is the perfect name for this restaurant because not only was it delicious but the decor and staff were so sophisticated, even after a busy day like Mother's Day.

I felt at peace which is difficult when dining with children but the waitress was so accommodating that we were way less stressed than normal.
Perhaps it was my mimosa that acted as the de-stressing agent? We were a bit disappointed that they had run out of the Chicken and Waffles by the time we had (Whatever you Haters- I am from the South!) I guess that is what you get for brunching on the later side but our meals were perfect
and filling. I tried Eggs Benedict for the first time and am thrilled that I dared to be different. They were delicious.

The crab & brioche seen here was so delectable that I had to stop myself from scraping the plate to get the very last bit. The picture does not do it full justice.
The restaurant director brought me my dessert parfait, which as a mother, I shared with all of my babies! I love this type of service. It just makes you feel good when this happens during a dining experience. You feel like they really care about the food enough to serve it to you with confidence. The dessert was made with the most luxurious and light, creamy yogurt. It rejuvenated me enough to enjoy a few additional hours of shopping at Pikes Market.
As always, we toured the underbelly of the market where we picked up snacks and trinkets. We headed to one of my essential shopping destinations, Sur La Table just outside the market where I picked up essentials like spatulas and these cloth napkins. You can never have enough of either of these things. They were busy, as always, undergoing construction yet remained so helpful and friendly.

I also purchased this amazing handmade water vase from a Polish vendor. Isn’t it lovely? The pattern is so amazing and I circled the store twice, waiting for the perfect one to speak to me. This one spoke and though I usually stick to basic white, I am all about switching it up and chose this to satiate those mid-dinner requests for more agua!

I hope that your Mother’s Day was fabulous and that if you are not a mother yourself, you treated the mommies close to you like a Queen for a Day.

Visit for more information on Taste Restaurant and to see amazing pictures of their seasonal menu items.

Tell us how you spent your Mother's Day or how you helped to make one special.

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