Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Luxury is Made from Earth

I am giddy. Today in the mail, I was privileged enough to receive some fabulous luxury products for review. I love traditional mail service. The anticipation and then receipt of a package is oftentimes a feeling that is unmatched for me. That feeling became exponential as I fully discovered what I'd received. Made from Earth representatives sent me a package chock full of various organic skincare products to review here on my blog. From lip balms to a Green Tea Toxin Cleanser ($15.99) these 100% Organic products are where nature and luxury meet. Using high quality products ensures that you are doing the best possible thing for the Earth as you make yourself look & feel more fabulous using the best possible ingredients.
I am most excited about the 3 Berry Face Cream ($27.99). Doesn’t it just sound good enough to eat? You almost could considering that the ingredients are all 100% natural and chemical free. Every ingredient comes from certified farms that the company creates a relationship with in order to ensure that their practices are in line with what Made from Earth stands for. Their own productions practices are cruelty-free despite over 75% of the cosmetic industry using animals of some sort in production testing.

They are part of the Truth in Labeling Campaign which I love. They keep the honesty in the labeling system where so many companies tend to hide behind it. If you read a bit about Made from Earth they put their money where their mouth is. They let you know all about their ingredients allowing the consumer to be fully informed about the products they are using on their bodies. All the ingredients are real. No fakes allowed here. This is wonderful for all of you with allergies or sensitivities to harsh chemicals that are present in most products that we use today. Why use the chemicals when you don’t need to? I always preach to acquire simple luxuries and Made from Earth’s standards embody that to the fullest.

I cannot wait to give my new samples a go. What I like right off of the bat is the price point. Amazing quality at a not so bad price. I have no doubt that they won’t disappoint anywhere else. My face needs some serious Spring cleaning and the fresh smells clear my head for that much needed facial cleaning ritual. I am breathing in my Pure Aloe Vera ($14.99) right now. Smells so freaking good. With ingredients like organic juices, aloe vera, honey, natural botanicals, and natural plant oils, I have all the faith on the planet in Made from Earth. I plan on making the products a part of my daily facial cleaning ritual. Follow me on Twitter @saks2salvation as I try out my new products from Made from Earth and tweet instant reviews!