Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shop for the Earth: Buy a Garden Gnome

I love the Pacific Northwest and this morning I woke up utterly confused as there was this strange glowing orb in the sky. I felt like it was an old friend who I really missed had just come to call. As I stood in its presence, I felt warm all over. I was overwhelmed with happiness. This strange event that took place was my realization that the sun had come out. Spring has truly arrived.

The Sun. Giver of light and life. It is our true source of existence and its rays helps to trigger the synthesis of vitamin D in our skin. Vitamin D, on a very basic level, helps our bodies to absorb calcium giving us stronger bones.

The sun literally has the ability to make us stronger in our minds, bodies, and spirits so soak it up! ( 10 min a day is recommended so if you live in sun-deprived areas, supplements will do the trick)

With this in mind, it is time to head outside. After months of being couped up inside and passing colds and what not back and forth, I am more than ready to breathe in the fresh air. The possibilities are endless as to what can be done, especially if you have children. Spring is the little crack in the window that allows you to take a sigh of relief. It is not yet warm enough, at least in these parts, to switch out the seasonal wardrobes. Yesterday’s weather still required my entire family to don jackets while we ran errands and shopped in the morning. You could head to the park or an outdoor mall but might I suggest, starting your garden today? Think of it. If you just devoted about an hour to putting a few things into the ground or pots, in a few months time, you could be eating fresh cucumber straight from your own garden. We are of the age now where the grocery stores supply endless mounds of fruits and vegetables year round. There is no more, “in season” for most large supermarket chains. They carry it all all the time. Don’t believe me? Think about it, blueberries in December? Asparagus in August? These foods are shipped in from far off lands to appease the consumer, despite fuel costs and the hugely compromised quality. If you grow your own, it is relatively free and you know exactly what went into growing the produce. It is really an amazing feeling to go into your garden and see little sprouts at first, then vines and then eventually, with some patience and love, bounty!

The start up costs for a garden are pretty minimal es
pecially if you already have an area where you are planning for it to be. Even if your digs are an efficiency apartment you can have a garden. It’ll just happen to look like a bunch of clay pots. A quick trip to your local hardware store will suffice to get you going with seeds, tools and soil. But let me add one more thing to that hardware store list. A beloved Garden Gnome. The Easter Bunny blessed one of my children with one of these this year and we are all in love with him. I go and check on him all of the time and the children run out to him after breakfast every morning. We are all drawn to him somehow. So I did a bit of research and found out that they are fascinating to me.
There is a pretty magical history of the Garden Gnome. They come to us from Europe and the term “gnome” arguably means knowledgeable Earth dweller. They are said to aid in fulfillment and bounty of your garden and they are widely encouraged in your garden. There are groups all over the world devoted to these tiny treasures and perhaps I have been converted. Now believe what you will but my Hostas never looked so good this early in the season. He is just so cute and inviting. He’s luring you right now with his magic, isn’t he?

Buy a Gnome and plant yourself garden. It'll be like giving Mother Earth a double shot of love this Spring!