Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Street Fair 2011 Eco-Shop Spotlight: Zomsters is Organically Original

As we do every year, my family headed to the 42nd University District Street Fair. This little pilgrimage into Seattle’s University District actually began almost 10 years ago with my first visit to Seattle. It is pretty much your typical street festival but it has become our festival. Roasted
corn, tons of people, clowns, random crazies, and artisans galore. This is a time when we let loose and opt for everything in the food row. Carb counters beware as this years delicacies included, roasted corn of course, and at a steal-$4/ear and that comes with a fresh butter dip., Chicken kabobs, a rectangular mound of curly cut fries, funnel cake, egg rolls & an organic strawberry shortcake were all on the menu for the thousands of attendees. We partook in all the goodness which readied us for some serious local artisan shopping. We traversed the entire fair from from one end to the other. There were so many jewelers and bag makers with some of the most brilliant designs and colors that it was hard to choose which one to feature.

My standout artisan from this years Street Fair is Zomsters.
A mother-owned company from Snoqualmie, WA specializing in Eco-Friendly clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers as well as print art in the form of calendars, cards,
and wall art, Zomsters takes the traditional T-shirt & creates Eco-fun! The far-out, whimsical designs cross genders making the clothes so versatile especially for families with multi-gendered bambinos. Sticking to my shopping principals of seeking quality first, I discovered that the entire collection consists mostly of organic cottons, using azo-free dyes, non-toxic printing, recyclable and reusable materials.

These designs are all original artwork created by owner Ronda Bergman. I see animal inspirations for sure that are mixed with slightly zombie-eyed aliens. Make sense? Well, it does to the kiddos and moms are aware. The Zomsters booth was kickin’ but proprietor Bergman was able to find my sizes, bag it and hand me her card all with a smile while a mass of customers overcrowded her ~9x9 ft. booth. Her daughter sat quietly in the back probably used to mom’s busy show schedule selling her goods. It was so neatly set up just like a boutique children’s store on the go. It was this simplicity and cleanliness that drew me towards Zomsters and I found the deals of the day:. $10 T’s for my infant and Preschooler. Can’t beat this price for the quality. I am used to $25 or more for organic children’s garments. Attending Street Fair has some serious perks in the discount department.

You will find Zomsters online as well. There I found these adorable Knot Hats that I must have missed at the show. Browse the entire collection and you will be refreshed by their natural tones and one-of-a kind designs. There is something for everyone and Zomsters is a great place to begin or add to your organic clothing collection. All wardrobes have the ability to contain some sustainable pieces and Zomsters makes it so very simple to begin your collection for the little ones.

My preschooler loves his shirt featuring the original Zomsters character. He has paired it with everything these last few days but we were able to pry it off of him in his sleep late tonight.

“By making small changes in our lives we can make big differences in helping our planet.”

-Zomsters Founder, Rhonda Bergman

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