Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The verdict is In: Some of the best stuff is Made from Earth

Last weekend I ventured out on a quick trip. I consider myself a pretty savvy traveler at this point & I am a very low maintenance packer as a result. Now that the airlines have ridiculously cut amenities (the guy seated behind me couldn’t get a blanket!!) I take only what is absolutely necessary for the trip.

I packed the essentials only and for my face?
My entire Made From Earth sample kit perfectly packed into my smallest Louis Vuitton toiletries pouch.

For the past month I’ve been trying them out. This is really the only way to know a product because too often too many of us make a snap decision about the facial products we buy. Think about it. When you decide to invest in a new facial regimen you’re so hopeful. You’ve shopped for just the right one for your face. You get home, wash, use the moisturizer and serums and you’re in love from the get. Then after a week you get a blemish, or you have a dry patch. Hmmm... You begin to wonder why your products aren’t working. And oh! You’re angry now. How much did I pay for this and that adolescent girl at the counter-I don’t think she knew anything about my face! To avoid this type of toxic thinking, take a breathe. I urge you to hold back, be patient and give your products a fair try. Take a few weeks to try them out before making a decision and you will see that, over time, your investment will pay off.

That is how I treated my new product samples from Made From Earth. I tried them everyday for about a month before I decided to review them. The creams and washes are so lightweight and fresh smelling. Being free of pthalates and sulfates, these products are truly good for your longevity as well as your skin. Harmful chemicals are rampant in products today in order to preserve their shelf life or make them smell more appealing. The consumer pays the big price in wallet and in health while the corporations make hand over fist selling us sub par products. Made From Earth does quite the opposite
providing us with the most natural products possible. They do not sacrifice quality, in fact, their standards are incredibly high which is why I was shocked to see the price points of their products. The price is definitely right allowing holistic, organic products to be available to us all. I always say make investments in your closet and this is the same for your face and body. Never sacrifice qualilty for anything. They are one of the few organic beauty companies that is 100% Organic.

Though I recommend the entire line of Made From Earth to you there are a few
products that really stand out for me. I absolutely love their lip balms. Using organic vegetable oils, these babies pack a serious moisturizing punch to my insanely dry skin. I would put this on each morning and night and my husband even commented on how kissable my lips were. Priced at $3.99/each, the lip balms come in an array of flavors including mocha, blueberry, vanilla, ice cream, and my personal favorite citrus fresh.

The second product I want to boast about is the amazing 3 Berry Daily Face Serum. Organic Aloe, Kosher Glycerin, and black willowbark extract help to create this powerful moisturizer. It has been a true lifesaver for me as I am always in search of a moisturizer that is not too heavy and
works all day long. This stuff does the trick. I don’t end up oily and my friend says that it does the trick for her normally oily skin as well. Go figure? This face serum has been quite magical and is really my top pick out of the samples. Priced at $27.99, the 2oz. bottle will quickly become the leader of your facial pack with its day and night abilities to work wonders on your face.

Thanks to Made From Earth, again, for my samples. I truly appreciated them and the amazing customer service experience I’ve had. This aspect is sometimes worth way more than the products or services themselves. I also am so thankful that a tried and true company like this exists. Creating holistic and organic products for us to use is vital to sustainability and companies like Made From Earth are taking the challenge head on. By not comprising ingredient quality and manufacturing standards they are slowly but surely raising the bar for the competition. I look for products that meet my own very high standards. This may mean searching a bit longer, paying a bit more, or going against the masses, but that's me. I'll share with you all of my luxury tips and finds and this time the find was Made from Earth.