Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wake Up & Smell the Roses in Beauty from Flowers

Roses are dear to me. They are my favorite cut flower to fill vases and I purchase white ones from the same market every week or two. At last count 85% of people chose roses as their favorite flower. Even George Washington, who was known to have quite the Green thumb, was one of the first to breed roses in the United States.

They are essential to me and my happiness in the home because their presence and aroma have a way of waking me up each time I see them. I firmly suggest your purchasing fresh cut flowers when your budget allows. They
have unbelievable powers. Those powers can be seen in this next organic beauty product line I have been delving into for the past few weeks because it is all
made from flowers. Seriously. Beauty from Flowers is a Texas company (woohoo!) out of Roundrock. Each and everyone of their products contains rose in its formula as well as many other flowers. Products with names like Hibiscus and Honeysuckle cleanser, Orchid and White Tea toning mist, & French Lavender hydrating mask, Beauty from Flowers will have you feeling like you are in an English garden. An organic English garden, that is. (With the Duchess perhaps? Having tea with the Queen too! Yes. I still am in love with The Royals. Now & Forever.)

Saks2Salvation Style tip: Bouquets of white roses are classic decor. Arrange long stems of medium to large bunches in tall vases throughout your home. Alternatively, small bunches of tea
roses can be displayed on low lying coffee tables in groups of three.

Flower Facts: Local fresh cut flowers are becoming more rare as America imports over 90% of its flowers from countries like Holland, Ecuador and Colombia. New breeds and hybrids are being developed to make flowers more fragrant, colorful and longer lasting. This has really hurt growers in the U.S. predominantly the western states with the main concentration being in California. Plenty of gentle care goes into the cultivation and growing of flowers despite their origin.

When purchasing cut stems try to
get them from the closest location possible. Ask the clerk if necessary.

Roses are historical & eternal. Both William Shakespeare and Elizabeth Taylor have roses named after them and this is really an honor for people both inside and outside of the botanical community. So I guess a Rose is not just a rose. There is pride in their names. Beauty from Flowers takes that pride seriously and their products represent roses & flowers in the highest regard.

Beauty from Flowers' Mimosa and Ylang Ylang Body Scrub was
exhilarating. I used it in shower and focused on key dry areas that are exposed as the temp warms up. My arms and legs both received a full polishing scrub from the finely ground sugars that left them both exfoliated and moisturized. I normally slather on the moisturizer after the shower and if you use the Mimosa and Ylang Ylang body scrub, it’s like receiving a double dose of hydration. With naturally delicious ingredients like blueberry and olive leaf, you will feel connected to yourself with each bath or shower. The scent is, of course, fragrant roses of the most feminine kind. My husband absolutely loves to smell me after the shower now and just asked me if I’d purchased new perfume. Nope. Just some fabulous Beauty from Flowers.

Ok. One more rave and I’ll stop. I love the product Nourishment that Beauty from Flowers offers us. This stuff is like magic in a bottle and worth every penny, people. It’s simply called Nourishment. Love it. It truly nourishes your skin and has the uncanny ability to totally even out combination skin while taking good care of it. We tried it on several people with different skin types and ethnicities and the results were the same across the board. It is a must have in the beauty arsenal, so invest here. At $40 for 1oz. I’d say it’s definitely affordable especially for its usefulness factor. But caution! A little bit goes a very long way so use sparingly.
(See the instructions here for enhancing your
experience with Beauty From Flowers products.)
I ended up dabbing in the magical Nourishment in the T-zone and gently massage it in. It did it’s thing all day long. No oiliness at all and this was under make-up too on both combo and oily skin. We tested this stuff thoroughly and our verdict? It’s a miracle worker for all of us.

All of the products I tested in the Beauty from Flowers organic luxury line fit my very high expectations for amazing and natural beauty products. Organic ingredients, paraben and dye free, without synthetics. These organic qualities give this amazing product line staying power by extending the shelf life to 6 months for opened items. And they are made from flowers? I feel like a Natural Woman just writing about it and I know that you will too.