Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day 2011: What NOT to Shop For

While everyone else is telling you what to buy dad this Father’s Day, I am going to give you a quick list of what NOT to shop for this year. While the following items are fantastic in their own right and serve as great gifts, I feel for Father’s Day 2011, they should be completely avoided.

1. Ties: Really? No. Unless the thing is vintage Gucci won at an auction and/or worn by Frank Sinatra or something of the sort, just skip the tie dept. altogether.

2. Hardware store gift card: Cliches are so cliche...

3. Random sporting goods accessories (= more junk)

4. A brand new luxury item: It is rare that I go against the name of luxury but skip it this year. Let papa set his own priorities especially when it comes to extravagant gifts.

Now on a positive note, here are a few things money can’t even buy that dad really wants.

What Father Really Wants this Father’s Day:

1. A big fat nap: This is what we ALL want.

2. Time alone with family: This is what HE wants.

3. A delicious home cooked meal: Okay this costs money but you get it. Save the gas, tip money and enjoy a freshly made meal.

4. A day to do whatever he wants: It’s his day so just let him be him-all day long. We all deserve this and that is what Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (June 19), Grandparents Day (Sept. 11) and Friendship Day (July 30), etc... are all for.

Childen’s Day is everyday, at least at my house, so I don’t feel bad not listing it.

If you do want to give something I suggest giving money. I may get criticism over this one but with the over abundance of available products to choose from nowadays, the pressure of selecting the perfect gift is sometimes too much. Giving the gift of cash, in my book, is never a faux pas. It allows you to set a defined budget limit on gift giving as opposed to going to the store and being tempted to overspend. Don’t feel pressure to dazzle them with an overflowing Father’s Day card. Be modest & dad can use the money for whatever he chooses. Giving money is giving endless options.

You have a few more days and honestly, I don’t know what I am getting dad but I am thinking he deserves to be spoiled this year. Father is getting exactly what he wants this Father’s Day.