Saturday, June 4, 2011

What I am seeing around town...Clash of the Titans

I am an eighties fanatic. I love mousse and spandex, VCR’s and synthesizers. The drugs I could leave but the movies? Well that is a whole different story. In a world full of remakes, let me take you back to one of my all time favorites: Clash of the Titans (circa 1981). It was 30 years ago that this movie made history yet we are seeing fashion accessory pieces today totally befitting of the film. I fantasized about a very svelte Harry Hamlin in his ancient attire fighting scorpions and whatnot with magical tools. Bubo sounding off with his quirks and beeps all very easily understood by his master. This film is epic and obviously, as seen with the remake, it has left in its wake, a resurgence of two key elements from the movie:
Roman sandals & owls = Perseus & Bubo.

Owls. Normally creatures of the nocturne I am seeing these everywhere both day and night. Bringing these natural elements into the forefront is perfectly timed with the approaching Summer months. As everyone heads outside, so should our accessories. These owls were seen on two different coasts but still have the same charm. No pun intended here but the top owl is from Charming Charlies. The oversized eyes drew me towards it and the movable body pieces are very unique.

The second owl comes from a company called Lavishy out of Canada. He is perfectly perched on a floating branch and his design is laser cut. This statement piece can be worn with the simplest of outfits for a naturally stylish update. The super long adjustable chain is sturdy and slightly detailed for a richer effect. Wearing owls will have a tendency to make you feel wiser and sharper during your day, like an owl. I wear them all the time for this very reason. Think of it as purchasing a little character confidence with your

Roman sandals. Let me first mention that there is both a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to this Biblical fashion comeback. Here are two random pair both purchased last year and surprisingly both owners said that they were not initially well received by their loved ones. Roman sandals have the ability to leave the foot feeling a bit exposed and wearing them requires a pretty serious pedicure regimen but worth it this season.
This first pair is from Aldo in NYC. They are in trend with the natural stones and the bold yet neutral color makes this a pretty good pair for all things Summer.

Naot makes these gold laden beauties. For about $100 or more you can get both comfort and style all wrapped up into one beautiful shoe. The owner of these luxury sandals confessed to me that she owns several pair in different colors. This is a bit of shopping advice you should take especially when it comes to shoes. Quality shoes may cost a bit more but will last you for a very long time so purchase a couple of pairs of the same style if your budget allows. Switch them out or store a pair away for future use. (My last pair of Dansko’s lasted me over a decade. They have now been demoted to my gardening shoes.)

Taking in the trends this season is like stepping into the past. Embrace it. Styles are recurring especially the good ones. This season, let’s look at nature and return to a more innocent time. A wiser time when being exposed wasn’t a bad thing.

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