Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Random Shopping Experiences

Here are the top 3 things that I've experienced shopping this week:

1. I inadvertently sold a pair of TOMS Shoes to a lovely couple traveling to Disney World with their grandchildren. The sales girl was unfortunately, quite uninformed and I felt the need, considering my recent survey, to help them out. I did, and traveling Grandma bought her first pair of TOMS Shoes from Neiman Marcus that day. They were shiny silver.

2. Exceptional traveling advice and customer service from the oldest American men's suit retailer Brooks Brothers. They sale women's clothes, though not manufactured in America, have amazingly high quality standards. Some of the best in the industry and a staff to match. These people travel , know the brand and because of one of their recent trips to the Manhattan Store I was made privy to their Lookbook for next season and get excited!! Tweed shorts, corduroy, and deep, rich colors are on the Fall horizon.

3. The most delicious local maize that we've roasted about 4 times this week for dinner. This stuff is sweet and delicious all thanks to our blessed Sun. We had dinner guests and consumed almost a dozen ears of this vitamin packed delight. It is the most widely produced food in America, and though that is another story all together, no one can argue that roasted corn is delicioso.