Friday, July 1, 2011

Beauty Brigade: Summer 2011

Summer is officially here-woohoo! The sun is out and the pool is luke. We shed our humdrum daily school schedules and head outside for the Summer Sun. Ahh...The Sun! We rely on it for the all important Vitamin D and with its appearance we must readjust our beauty regimens to accommodate the intense light and heat that we soak up during the next few months.
So to prep us all, I’ve created my
Summer 2011 Beauty Brigade
An arsenal of luxury beauty products that will keep you having some serious fun in the sun all summer long.

This has become my new best friend and even inspired me to reorg my make-up case. Nope. Not a bag for me. It’s a makeup case in mi casa because that’s how much it takes. Thank heavens for MAC Cosmetics! This bronzer shapes and accents the face in all the right sun-kissed face places. Sheer to medium coverage makes the face look both “radiant and sunny”. I love it when products live up to their claims and this one does it for me. I use it e everyday and sometimes with just blush or all alone if I'm in a hurry.

With 6 fabulously sheer colors to choose from, these ultra shiny lip finishes feature ingredients of 100% natural origin. Yayoi Kusama is a reknown Japanese visual designer who created the Limited Edition nature inspired tube packaging which is perfect for the Summer. Buy a couple in various colors and throw them in your purse, Saky Sack or beach bag. I chose Pop Art Hazelnut and additional color names include Swing Pink, Happy Honey, or Rose Blossom. These are so popular, the counter was down to only 3 choices today. Tres chic!

*Shielo Leave-in Protectant $19.99 (Pronounced “she-ee-lo”)

This luxury brands choice pick contains organic extracts, is paraben-free containing White Tea and Shea Butter to enhance hair color and add a protective barrier around the hair shaft. The sun can do some serious damage to your locks as you and your friends lounge by the pool or sit seaside all day so attention to the hair is vital this summer. Like your skin, your hair needs to be shielded from the Sun’s penetrating rays and Shielo gives us that UV protection from the elements with it’s luxe Leave-in Protectant. Use after the shower or all day long to enhance your hair's natural richness and avoid sun damage.

Sunscreen priceless

We all love the sun & are aware of it's damaging effects so do I really need to elaborate about this one? Use it on you, your husband, your children, friends, neighbors and everyone. Even babies. There are various facts and informational sites devoted to slathering the creamy stuff on so I will spare you the details and simply say don’t fry in the Summer sun. Protect your skin & just have fun.

Made from Earth does it to me everytime. But this time around, it’s Summer centric. This is Pure Aloe Vera Skin Treatment is all the moisture that your body will need after a day in the sun. Meant for use 2-3 times a week, it is the most potent form of natural aloe you can buy in a jar. It deeply moisturizes your skin with enzymes and natural vitamins being released as you rub. Love it so much, I even gifted this as a bon voyage token to a friend.

My Summer Beauty Brigade will have you maximizing your time basking in the warmth by prolonging the health and emphasizing the beauty of your skin & hair. Have fun this Summer but respect the changing season and the need to revamp your beauty regimens every time they change. Mother Nature calls for it. She is also calling you outside to come and play with her Sun. Stop reading this, go shopping now & then head outside.

This one is for my Summer lobster & dear friend M.L.T. Take care of that precious skin of yours. There are NO guarantees in life but at least we’ll know that we tried to avoid the bad parts, right? Slather the aloe on, my friend and breathe deeply.

*I have tested all of these products and received these particular few for sampling. All opinions are mine or those of my staff.