Sunday, July 10, 2011

Made from Earth Creates Summer's Dynamic Duo

Made from Earth has been making many of my favorite lists these past few seasons and why should this Summer be any different? They are paraben free, fragrance free, and holistically made. Right on their clean and simple website they open your eyes to the truths behind cosmetic chemicals. This time, I have narrowed it down to the face, because a good first impression starts with the face. The old adage about the handshake is just that-old. So in addition to the proper SPF grabbing this Dynamic Duo of EcoLuxury for your face will have you looking pretty all summer long. Whether it’s a play date at the beach or a date night dinner with your spouse, Made from Earth will have your face glowing from the inside out.

Rooibos Tea Face ScrubWith every season there should be change and this gentle yet
super effective face scrub is just what your face needs this summer. The product lid simply states Detox as if this luxurious scrub will leave you all the more better after using it. As the sun sets in and the air significantly warms up, our faces could use an extra sloughing of those dead skin cells a bit more often than in the cooler months. Jojoba beads clear away the bad stuff and the antioxidant rooibos tea releases powerful toxins to improve skins texture allowing your face to have that natural glow its supposed to have all Summer long. This moisturizing face scrub is $24.99/2oz. & is the perfect balance for both dry and oily skin types.

Something of note: Rooibos Tea has been found to be very effective for asthmatic patients and research Scientists prove that it has the ability to putt off both viral and bacterial infections.

Without even disturbing the pH blance of your skin, this scrub improves skin circulation. When you apply makeup after using the Rooibos Tea face scrub, it will go on more smoothly and appear much more even because the scrub has done it’s job. Prepped your face with organic and natural ingredients provided to you by Mother Earth

Rosehip + Hibiscus Organic Face Serum

Serum. Don’t you just love saying it? I do and with it’s new improved formula, this stuff is luxuriously potent. It is so light and refreshingly perfect for those hot Summer days and nights. I like it because I don’t feel weighed down in the heat and after spending hours hiking or at the beach, the last think that I want is my face to feel like an oil slick. After applying the tiniest amount of Serum, my face always feels like it’s just been washed and I’ve even gone without using moisturizer when the thermometer shoots way up. When I do apply moisturizer on top of this magical serum, I wait 5 minutes as directed and then apply it. It has the ability to keep my face even and unfettered even after working in the garden or a picnic with the children. It must be the amazing amino acids that are inside each bottle whose properties help tighten skin before they can begin to show signs or age. Or perhaps it’s the Rose Hips whose properties include Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids which have major health benefits and have even been linked to Autism, Cancer and Cardiac treatments with successful results. Using Vitamins A, D, & E, this Serum also helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and some scarring. At

$24.99 for a 2oz bottle including a great finger pump, we all deserve to give ourselves the best sometimes.

Stick to your principals and seek out companies who stick to theirs. This is our beauty and it begins on the inside. Try not to pollute yourself with unnecessary chemicals in your pursuit to exterior happiness. Made From Earth provides us with plenty of products in their line that are worth their weight in pure natural gold all made right here in the USA.