Monday, July 18, 2011

Starting the Eco-Revolution with Saky Sacks

This weekend marked the end of an amazingly powerful project that I’ve been working on with my two Saky Sacks, the fabulous Eco-Luxury brand that makes resusable, washable and highly stylish bags and accessories. I say powerful project because it took some serious self-actualization which is a process that I sometimes loathe. I tell my children all the time, “Please don’t say hate. Really think about what that means. Save that for when things are really bad.” But because they don’t read this and I feel that in this case, things are really bad. I hate the process of self-actualization because whatever behavior is being questioned used to be ok, but now, for one reason or another, it’s unhealthy and not ok. Shopping bags are the latest cause of my journey to true self-actualization.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter @saks2salvation, then you will know that this busy Mama has put some serious use on the two fabulous Saky Sacks bags that I was gifted. I racked up 16 different uses in four weeks. I took my bag on playdates, hiking, day trip to the in-laws, and I will probably use it again tomorrow. Now let’s do some math...That is 16 times in which a plastic bag could have been used in a month. 16 times at 12 months a year is 192 bags. That is almost 200 bags a year that are kept from landfills where plastic bags sit and don’t biodegrade for what scientists only know as a long time. That is 200 bags just from one person switching to reusable bags. Let’s get Eco-Social shall we? The average person has 130 “friends” on Facebook. So if all 130 of your close personal virtual friends were to also keep 200 bags a year from landfills, 26,000 bags would be kept out of the dump each year. That is quite a lot of potential for power that could be fuel to begin an Eco-Revolution. Just one of you social media devotees has the capacity to nurture this planet in ways that were once unimaginable just through an EcoLuxury reusable bag like Saky Sacks.

Through this self-actualization and tracking of a specific behavior, I discovered that, yes I was wasteful by using and accepting so many disposable bags when I shopped. But through this process, I now bring my bags on every trip and have gotten into the habit of denying bags at stores when the salesperson offers me one. We better all adopt this little behavior as towns and cities all across America, Europe and beyond are imposing stricter laws to eliminate waste and restrict plastic bag usage. Though we are not babies and don’t need someone telling us what to do all the time, we have gotten a bit out of hand. The landfills are full and we consume and consume without regard. A new toy big or small comes in a plastic bag with paper and wrapping that we quickly discard and that toy will all too soon find its way to the bin. We all do it and it’s an American habit that is going to be hard to break. But don’t you dare blame yourself! It’s not our fault because we were raised this way and it's good to blame things on our parents because it makes us feel a little better but we have to make a shift. Anything at this point can help so don’t think that cutting back on 26,000 bags a year doesn’t at least give us all a break. And a bit of hope. This type of business and the good that Saky Sack brings inspires me.Though I urge you to shop locally, please think globally and carry reusable bags. This is proof positive that shopping is good for the environment.