Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Light a Candle for a Kindle

I was given a Kindle. This little unexpected parting gift made me and the gifter quite dubious. To be quite honest, I think that it was a re-gift but it’s the thought that counts especially because I’ll take a re-gift over no gift most every time. This device has surpassed all of my misgivings. I love the feel of books and the smell of the pages and just holding one makes me feel so comforted. But with the addition of all the other little things in my life like baseball caps, sippy cups, hand sani, & snacks, I am in crazy compartmentalization mode. I am seeking ways to keep it all together digitally so that my head doesn’t explode. I knew it was over as I was reading this past Sundays NY Times Fahion & Style article about the demise of the paper calendar. Demise? Such a sad sounding word.

I purchased my last physical day planner from Franklin Covey last year. It was beautiful with rich, shiny, red leather and a magentic clasp. I loved it carrying everywhere no matter how cumbersome. I ventured to my local shop just before I left on my latest vacation and they were closed down. I then switched over to my digital calendar on the life machine that I call my cell phone & this has turned life all around in a very positive way. That gorgeous old planner is now covered with dust & filled with fragments of scrap paper and those scary kinds of bills.

This Kindle is my latest shove into the world of technology and I have to say that I appreciate the push. I am oftentimes hard headed and adamant about my more traditional beliefs. I still take most of my pictures on an in-film Kodak from the early 80’s. This device is super sleek & was so convenient on the plane because it fit right inside my carry-on bag. I didn’t have to worry about it being damaged as the protective cover is sturdy and stylish which I appreciated as the turbulence on my last leg was terrible and I knew that my belongings would be wildly shifting in flight. My Kindle was safe and sound always ready to use. The battery life is phenomenal and though mine came equipped with 3G, a known battery draining feature, I am able to turn the luxury feature off after I've download my desired titles & save enough battery to fuel this renaissance reading tool for over a week. I have over 1 million book choices with categories as varied as a physical book store. From self-help to board books, the Kindle Store is full of enough books to fulfill the needs of all your family members. I immediately downloaded a few Curious George titles for the children and The Help, which I am absolutely loving by the way, for myself. Though my husband is still dubious, I am pretty sure that he wants one of his own. He is a self-proclaimed book hoarder whose collection includes many childhood favorites that haven’t been touched in 30 years.

I am sold or at least happily re-gifted because this Kindle is where it’s at. Will I still purchase books and read hard covered titles to my children? Absolutely. I love to see people reading whatever medium possible because we all know that the reading rates are a sad sack of staggering statistics. With the changes we are seeing in the world today, I will also download titles on the go and explore this new reading experience that has people power reading through books, one Kindle click at a time.