Monday, August 8, 2011

Nature is the Mother of All Styles

The Dog Days of Summer have my family and I getting the last of our seasonal hikes in. This has become quite the pastime for us and serves as a sort of family therapy as we discover the world around us. Each weekend we get all geared up, find a scenic trail and explore Nature in all of Her glory. My children have been hiking since they were infants and our newest addition clocked his first 3 mile hike over two months ago when the season began.

Though I am connecting with nature and truly getting down and dirty as my feet cling to loose rocks before a fall or I swing at a swarm of mosquitos chilling in the shade, I take a bit of EcoLuxury with me. Here are a few ways that I mix style into my sessions with dear Mother Nature.

My Moby Wrap. What can I say about this EcoLuxury item other that I rely on it daily since having my third child and have gifted this amazing mother must have at more than a couple showers? Why so passionate? I’ve tried out over half of dozen baby carriers over the years. With a total of over $400 invested in order to discover that my Moby Wrap is the ultimate in baby carriers it has been a gadgety journey. From snaps to drawstring, velcro to bulky padding, each wrap has it’s own way of keeping baby safer than the next. I purchased mine over 5 years ago and have yet to look back though this company has grown. From Organic cottons, UV protected fabrics, and stylish prints they have one for all of you out there. With Moby at $39.95 for the original prints, safety becomes simple as my babies have always felt as close to me as when I carried them. We become one again and I love this feeling. It is one large piece of fabric that when wrapped according to the simple instructions, is comfortable and able to get you & baby from the shops to the mountains.

These Ralph Lauren Polos are great for everything. Yes. My children wear Ralph Lauren while hiking. Actually, we all wear Ralph Lauren for everything. It’s no secret that they are one of my favorite brands because they adhere to crazy high quality standards in classic design and unwaveringly sturdy structure. These particular long-sleeve Polos cost about $35 dollars and are perfect for hiking. They offer arm protection from plants and scrapes as well as keeping my little ones exceptionally stylish. Monograms are also great for back to school, especially if you have a few going into school this year. (Their site doesn’t currently have a link to the
monogrammable long sleeve)

Elephant hat from Gymboree. I paid less than $5 for this lucky little find on the clearance rack. That’s usually where the party is at while shopping for kids clothing. This is a must have for baby gear when hiking. The wide brim keeps the sun out of their face for sure and isn’t the pattern so so cute? I love it and my child is slowly learning to deal with the velcro chin strap. I should have purchased an additional one in a size up because this one is quickly becoming tighter. Must mean that my baby is growing more brilliant. Whatever the case, now is the time to buy as the seasons are changing. I urge you to hit up the clearance sections especially for the little ones. Next Summer will call for new suits, trunks and hats as our loving weeds grow grow grow. Stock up in the off season and you will be so relieved.

Now here are a couple images that I didn’t have to pay for and reveal the most natural of styles. Enjoy the scenery around you and attempt to connect with nature while the weather is still nice. Outside doesn’t equate to out of sorts when it comes to our style. Dress with confidence to exude your beauty just like Mother Nature does for us everyday.