Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've Been Seeing Around Town(s): Bejeweled Necklines

I have been doing some extensive traveling these past two weeks and despite the locations, everyone knows that we are in some harsh economic times. High gas prices, inflated food costs, and exorbitant travel expenses have many of us looking for ways to save a buck or two...or three. But the shopping must go on. Fashion is also seeking its own way of budgeting and this is where the Bejeweled Necklines that I have been seeing from coast to coast come into play. They serve not only as a shirt or blouse but there really is no need for a necklace as the neckline is the perfect accessory to your outfit.

The sequins, Swarovski, rhinestones and rivets that I am seeing so intricately displayed on necklines all over the country are bringing new life to fashion by serving as both design element and accessory. I love this double dipping because whether you meant to or not, you are saving yourself both time & money while shopping. From tunics to t-shirts, here is a little gallery of what I’ve been seeing around all of the towns that I’ve traveled these last few weeks of Summer.