Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Pick for Fall 2011: An LBJ for FNO

Today is the beginning of Fashion Week 2011 and I will be heading out to FNO for a pre-party shopping extravaganza. This event is celebrated in cities all over the world and over the years has grown to be quite the annual event. There always promises to be fabulous fashions and usually a red carpet involved. This is where the familiar question, “Who are you wearing?” is usually raised. Because this is a fashion centric event, sometimes this is even more so important to know your label. It absolutely does not have to be hot off of the runway for FNO and the only real fashion rule is to come as you are and have fun. I will take the opportunity both here and at tonight’s events to debut my absolute essential piece for this season. For me, it’s an oldy but goody. My Little Black Jacket (LBJ) by Elie Tahari. I was inspired by an Op-Ed piece I read yesterday when choosing my outfit for tonight. The Business of Fashion article entitled, “Why Do We Take Pictures of Clothes?” answered this with a rich history of the photographic importance behind designs and the vivid stories behind their acquirement. Vogue Magazine amongst others has a lifelong tradition of doing this and stresses the importance of putting true meaning behind your clothing choices when shopping.

My LBJ for FNO is one of those pieces that has a special place in both my closet & heart.It hails as one of my most amazing shopping finds at a secondhand store when I was on one of my many travels about 2 years ago. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it on the hanger. I was actually having an off day on the last leg of a way too long vacation and headed to the shops for some relief. Well, I found relief for $10.99 in the form of this designer essential that would cost about $450 retail. But see the abundance of fashion around us? You never know where you will find it and let me tell you, I have not been this lucky with my other Tahari pieces.For, me pieces like this are eternal which is why I can pull it out when the seasons style calls for it. This Fall 2011 does.

I absolutely love this jacket and wear it way more often than I should but I cannot help it. As I mother I need pieces that are fabulous and wearable on many levels. A little black jacket can take me from the spa, to afternoon pickup and then a night out with the ladies. It pretty much pairs with everything including my ensemble for tonight. I always urge buying essential pieces and this is a testament to that. Have fun at FNO & shop smart!

Update: 9/8 @ 15:39PST
I have come down with a crazy cold & will not be attending my local events. To infect the world with whatever ailment I've come down with would be a fashion faux pas. However, I have been in bed streaming live shows all day from NY Fashion Week and am hitting up FNO Events online. Gotta love the internets! I've also got some Insider interviews and amazing shopping finds to honor this week of fashion so stay tuned. Happy Shopping!