Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spread the Health Giveaway Winner

Last month marked the end of my first giveaway and I am very proud to say that my Spread the Health campaign was the focus. In my effort to educate and get organic foods into the hands of one lucky winner, I am also getting this food into the mouths of that winners baby. So two winners, really. Lucky them! And with a face like this isn’t he already so lucky?

Let me introduce you to Mr. Baby Barak Shea McKay. This little darling is the winner of our first Spread the Health Giveaway by At Saks to Salvation.

We were so proud to honor Baby Barak & family with this gift of coupons, vouchers, pamphlets and discounts from Sprout, Plum Organics, Moby Wrap, Earth’s Best, & Happy Baby. These amazing brands are all doing their own parts to better our world through more sustainable and healthy food production targeted at our children and the future of our planet. I am just doing my own little part to Spread the Health.

This deserving family is already way ahead of the healthy lifestyle game. Barak was born naturally and with both parents as lifelong swimming professionals, high quality food is simply a part of their everyday lives. The McKays definitely know that eating natural and organic foods is a luxury but they consider this one that they must afford. Especially with the arrival of this bundle of joy just about a year ago, their food standards have been raised even higher knowing that his future depends on it. Baby Barak’s diet is already chocked full of fresh fruits and veggies. (His favorite food is sweet potatos!) Their lifelong devotion to swimming and wellness pairs perfectly with an organic and natural existence which mother Bethany stated, “Yes it’s a bit more expensive to eat organically but it’s worth the small sacrifice for baby and for our entire family.”.

Thanks so much to all of the supporters and contributors to the Spread the Health Campaign. We could not have done this without your devotion to healthier foods.

Congratulations to our winners, the McKay family.