Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's My Fall Product Pick? The Orange Owl-That's Whoo!

It has been long overdue that I post a product review but I take these things seriously. There are TONS of products on the market boasting their own awesomeness. I buy, try and sample many of them never giving up hope they will all produce the magical results that are promised. No kidding. I delve into all of the wording, directions, ingredients, & company info pamphlets that accompany all of my products. All of this verbiage is important to me because besides the actual quality of the product, I won’t know what they are all about. While reading all about my latest brand review choice, a few amazing key elements struck me: vegan soaps, recyclable packaging, handcrafted, & essential oils. These are all words that I love.

The Orange Owl puts personality with their products. The packaging is so fresh and so clean which is the perfect representation for what the line is all about. I opened my far below mentioned body butter & there was an oh so cute plantable wild flower seed square to greet me. This is a luxurious little element that I appreciate. Who thinks of the little things these days? This is a brand with heart and I am in love.

As a true self-proclaimed germiphobe, I chose the 100% Vegan Squeaky Clean Bar Soap (3oz./85g. $5.99) to sample & review. My whole family fell in love with the grainy bar that is so uniquely cut, you just know that human hands took a good part in creating it. I love this element in my products because I feel a true sense of handcraftmanship when I use it. It contains rosemary and neem which both have anti-inflammatory properties. The mint ads such a calming element that rejuvenates just as well as a quick refreshing nap.

I also was given their Mint Soother whipped Body Butter (8oz. $8.49) to review and it is just that:
Like butter, baby. It is now only one of two moisturizing products that work the way that I need them to on my horribly dry epidermis. With concentrated oils and butter that melt right into your skin It is smooth and silky and the fragrance is potent but not overbearing. I really like that. The lavender, spearmint, and peppermint that make up this blend are the perfect combo to rejuvenate my skin after spending time outside during these dog days.With names like Zingy Luxury and Naturally Naked, these Body Butters are a fit for every personality out there.

The Orange Owl owner Akshata Nayak was born and raised in Bangalore, India and moved to the United States to obtain not one, but two degrees. Long hours of studying Biochemistry & Nutrition then have helped her to create her small wellness empire now. Her studies also included research in Immunology, Emergency Medicine and Nutrition giving her serious knowledge of what is being created within her line. This is one smart cookie and can cook up a good batch of her own products and maintain the very high all-natural, chemical free properties. As an applied clinical nutritionist at the Alternative Roots Wellness Center which she and her husband own, she promotes creating all over health in ones life through nutritional counseling and other alternative medicine practices. The Orange Owl products are an extension of this lifestyle and are so beneficial to all that are privileged enough get some of them. Her international experience, amazing research background and passion for her all-natural line are the reason why The Orange Owl is my pick of the season.

The Orange Owl line includes lip balms, hand stirred bath salts, 100% Vegan soaps & whipped body butters. This is an ideal product for our transition to Fall especially considering its uber chic natural logo representing all things the colorful season brings. But most importantly, this Eco-Luxury line is what we should all be striving for as we update our toiletry cases for the seasonal change. A bit of nature & a bit of luxury is a good mix for us all.

Now on a more serious note, The Orange Owl is a Vermont based company. Due to the recent effects of Hurricane Irene on the area, owner & entreprenuer Akshata Nayak has turned philanthropist by launching a blog to raise money & awareness for the Help Irene Flood Relief Fund. This organization is working so hard in helping small businesses around the area get back on their feet after such a tragic blow. The Orange Owl’s personal goal is to raise at least $1500 or more by rallying artisans and craftsmen to donate products for a raffle. For every $10 you donate you will receive 1 entry to win! The products you can win in the raffle are amazing. See the site for full details and more ways to help. Our thoughts are with all of the victims.