Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Life (not school) Supplies

As of last Friday it is officially Fall. It always makes me think of back to school where supply lists and preparation are the keys to success in the classroom. Well, I am a big girl now but for some reason the keys to success have not changed. There are a few supplies that will be necessary for me to kick off the new season just right. As schedules begin to get tighter and the realities of the crazy business take hold, we are in need of a few grown-up tools to get us through. This Wishful Wednesday is a short list of two items that are essential for our everyday lives.

Kate Spade Striped Notepads
I found these “candy-colored” bright pads at my stationers a few weeks ago. Yes I have a stationer. Her name is Bitzi Lee at Silberman Brown and she was fabulous and I love her. She is now retired. I digress. Amongst the crystal clear Mont Blanc pen display cases and Crane & Co. luxury writing papers, I heard these pads calling to me. Now you may be saying, who still writes
things down these days? My answer is: I do. I love to jot a note down or doodle while I am on the phone. I am also a big list person so seeing something right in front of me is crucial to my understanding of the tasks ahead. My children are constantly asking for a piece of paper and now I am stylishly equipped to answer their (incessant) beckoning.
Kate Spade has the innate ability to create simple luxuries through design. From bags to shoes and now to paper, her designs have become synonymous with classic tastes and styles that have taken the world by storm. On doing a bit of research, I’ve found that Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton are some of the most knocked-off designs on the street which contributes to a $1 billion dollar imposter bag market despite its direct violation with brands' trademarks rights.
Some would say, “Envy is the sincerest form of flattery,” but I say only buy the real deal. Write this down straight away on your new authentic Kate Spade Notepad- #1: Always shop for authentic brands.
As a busy wife, mama, friend, writer, daughter, sister, etc...I have found it fundamentally necessary to compartmentalize my life in order to get the most out of it. It works. Just ask my therapist. So this wasn’t a direct purchase but a gift. My husband is notorious for purchasing me little gifts when I come home from vacation and upon my arrival from my last family vacation, he had this sleek little gadget sitting on my bedside. Now he is a Techie through and through so I have no doubt he had himself in mind when he found this on the one and only Craigslist for a third of the price. He is also notorious for doing this when there is an item that he must get. Hot items like these don’t come around too often and especially for this price but when they do, you must get be an active shopper. When he went to pick this one up, from a college student, no less (Thanks, Mom!), the former owner had received dozens of phone calls about the item and had at least ten offers on the table. Why the insane amount of interest? Because this amazingly compatible lapdock pairs directly with my cell phone creating a mobile and compact smart office for people on the go. Like you. And me. I can take phone calls, text, send emails and surf the web all at the same time just like I could from a laptop. When I am ready to take off, I undock my cell phone and fold the lapdock up real nice like and stick it in my Gucci. Perfect pair of geek meets chic. The whole system is powered by the latest and greatest 4G technology from Motorola and boy is it fast. My battery is also phenomenal and lasts and lasts and lasts. My phone, lapdock, and I have created ourselves quite the friendly Triumvirate.

I know that your mind is with the kiddies these days and what they are doing and going and needing. But this Wishful Wednesday is about you and what you need while they are slaving the day away at school. You’ve been there done that with school. You have shopped for their list so now shop for yours. See how it’s way shorter than their’s? Whether you are at work, home, flying for business or just in need of a bit of life management, I have given you a few supplies to better yourself. Happy Shopping!