Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Louis Vuitton Pouchette

Summer is not officially over but I am already looking back at my favorite purchase of the last 3 sunny months and have decided to create Wishful Wednesday as a way to feature a coveted item in the shopping world each week. As I ventured on trip after trip this Summer, I felt the need to add to my travel bag arsenal. On this shopping trip my toiletries management was the focus and I went to only the best for their safe handling.

Louis Vuitton. With over 120 years in the luxury business, It is not surprising that this French House is my favorite handbag designer as this was the first bag that I ever carried. I have been adding to my collection for decades now and my latest little acquisition here, Toiletry Pouch 19, has been a long time coming. I have it’s little sister already, Toiletry Pouch 15, which was a gift from my best friend in college. She completely understood my love for Louis & graciously purchased me the smallest version. She has since started her own collection which now far exceeds my own and include various sized Louis Vuitton Keepall’s and chests.

Louis Vuitton line is eternal Eco-Luxury for two reasons reasons: 1. It is made from very high quality natural canvas (aka cotton) with true solid brass details and a small leather flap. 2. It is washable both inside and out so with my germ issues, I shop for items that possess this feature. My sanity depends on it. Purchasing a reusable piece like this is so good for the Earth and you will be reminded of this each time you pack for a trip. There will be no waste as this bag will last a lifetime with the proper care and use.

The Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch in signature Monogram Canvas is simple and classic with its chic side gussets. It holds more than you think and is currently being used as storage for over a dozen of my toiletry essentials. There are a total of three in the Pouchette Family and their purposes are endless. I am constantly changing the bags’ contents as each trip and vacation is unique calling for varying beauty supplies.

The price? Well, as one of my dearest friends said to me over dinner, “I’m sorry that is just insane.” She was correct. This beautiful tiny bag goes for $360. But really, this bag will last forever. At that price, it better. Not only do I consider this bag a priceless essential, you also have some of the most amazing presentation & unmatched customer service wrapped into that price. For example, one shopping day, I took my Key Pouch in to replace a broken chain and before I could say a word, the salesperson at my local boutique immediately whisked my crippled essential to the back. In less than 10 min., my tiniest Louis Vuitton was restored to it’s luxurious glory, no questions asked. Enough said.