Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween to an Epic Winner

Tonight is Halloween Night but last week we chose one lucky winner to receive an amazingly festive print from the all-natural children’s brand, Zomsters. This limited edition piece was the latest luxury giveaway in our Spread the Health campaign which is devoted to educating people of all ages about the benefits of an overall healthy life. Now, I cannot compete with the deluge of candies that your little ones will be inundated with so this campaign was devoted to our psychological health and how beneficial art can be for our overall wellness.

Psychology extraordinaire Laura Rubalcava, M.A. is passionate about the benefits of art on our mental health. “Art therapy is used to treat patients from children to the elderly. Exposure to It can reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression; increase immune response and support an environment of connectedness.” As an artist herself, Rubalcava recognizes that, “Art is a form of creative expression” that both she and patients can utilize as, “ alternative means of communication when words are too difficult to use.” It is not just about what goes into our mouths and we all know how important that is. Total health encompasses many facets and art is definitely a part.

I think that this is brilliant which is why I was so happy to share this limited edition print with our Epic Winner, designer & mother of three Jaclyn Gonzalez of Texas. She has plans to collect all of the Zomsters yearly limited edition prints and so should you! Congratulations, Jaclyn & Happy Shopping!