Saturday, October 15, 2011

You've Shopped. Now Savor.

It would be nice if I spent all of my days shopping for luxury goods to run home and report about here on my blog but as you know, I must be real. In addition to this blog, I am a writer in the real world. One of the online publications that I contribute to is Kindform. They are young and fresh. Not afraid to report on the little man or a start up band that is making a big impact. They cover a range of topics including art, food, culture and style with an approach that most publications, online and print lack. Their approach? Taking it to the streets. Most of their stories come directly from the street and tell the stories of us all. Kindform is a refreshing beacon and steers me in the direction of new trends and topics that influence my shopping. They have contributors from all over the world and as a contributor myself, I feel lucky to have the artistic freedom to find my stories anywhere and share them with you on

It was this blog post that I did for them a few months ago on Summer Boots that inspired me to launch Savory Salvations. It's an essential food guide offering restaurant reviews, dining advice & healthful eating tips. I was taking photographs for the boots story mentioned above and it wasn’t until the final stages of editing that I realized that the majority of the pictures were taken in restaurants. I love food & I actually just came from tapas and drinks with my girlfriends. It’s simply a part of my life.

My family and I are foodies and love to try new things and savor each moment we eat together. Maybe it’s tradition? We represent many cultural backgrounds in our home. Chinese, Spanish, Native American, Mexican, and African American is not even a complete list of our ethnic background and with this blessing, we have come to try a plethora of foods from around the world. We are respectful of other people’s choices of savory cuisine and always finish our plate. Even if there are fried frog legs on the menu. I try to give you the best in all things shopping here on From Saks to Salvation and now, with the launch of Savory Salvations, I will share with you food ventures spanning all over the globe. I hope you will check us out there as we will have contributors from all walks of life feeding us their food tales and savoring every bite.

Eat, drink & be merry!