Monday, October 24, 2011

A Moral Story of Shopping Validation

I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper these days and make purchases based on quality first hands down. So when it came time to renew my cellphone policy a few months ago I went to Motorola to fulfill my needs for my next 2 year service plan. I chose the Atrix, shortly thereafter acquired a Lapdock, and we’ve been inseparable since which I shared with you in a previous post.

Well, we did separate but only for a short while which happened to be long enough for it to be thrown from the hood of my car into the streets of Yosemite National Park. I saw it, and my social media livelihood, go flying from the moon roof of our family car at about 60mph. It had suffered, what I thought, was irreparable damages but this was not the case at all. I retrieved the phone and replaced the back which we found about 20 feet away. The battery, SIM card, and additional memory chip were all in tact. I tweeted from it less than five minutes later. That is the quality that I am talking about. That phone took a serious lickin’ and yes, it’s still tickin’!

Now of course it looks hideous and I am sure that it will eventually give out on me but it’s by principal alone that I am keeping this close by my side. Not only was I shocked to have a working phone after it was flung into the air and crashed to the pavement, but now, I want to see how long this thing lasts. Did Motorola test these babies under the worst conditions possible? Was the prototype dropped from a high point onto pavement before the final design was approved for sale? Whatever the case, kudos to the design & test engineers who worked on the creation of the Motorola Atrix. You created one hell of a phone. Moral of this story? Never skimp on quality when you are making big purchases that affect your life. You never know when you will need a bit of shopping validation.

(Don’t gasp when you see the photo. My baby girl is going to be just fine.)