Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Sweater for All Seasons

My life recently has been full of incredible changes. You know. The kind of changes that make you realize that I am in the thick of this thing called life. One thing that is consistent is my search for essential pieces to add to my wardrobe. In addition to all my own personal changes, we are in a new season with a new temp and weather pattern all together so I was in need of something that wears well , washes well, and goes with everything. Here is my latest find. It’s gorgeous and so comfortable and versatile. I just cannot say enough about it but here are some details.

My sweater for all seasons is the
Rosebrook Pullover. This easy clean sweater is made from luxurious superfine authentic Australian Merino wool. It has the coolest EMU wooden signature buttons on the rolled draped neck that all combine to make a subtle but very telling statement. That statement being, “I am fabulous in my Eco-luxurious sweater that can easily be washed when PB & honey get all over it”. At least, that is what I tell myself each time I wear it. And how I wear it. I must admit that I do wear it a lot hence the premise of this post. I’ve done in depth research of brands before but this was an intense two week study that stemmed truly out of necessity. I found myself wearing it everywhere. To parties, for dinner and drinks, to the park, shopping, of course, and to Paint Away on a playdate. It doesn’t make me too hot like most other sweaters do and also maintains my feminine shape. No sweater bulk here. I love it. This is the amazing versatility that we must all strive for when purchasing essential pieces like this one.

It is by EMU Australia which is a true modern day premium brand. There products are 100% natural & Merino wool native to Australia, home to the world’s finest wool. The company operates in Geelong which is in the heart of wool manufacturing country. It is here that the original sheepskin boot was created by surfers looking to stay warm after riding the waves. Brilliant idea and like my sweater, sheepskin boots have taken the world by storm and also have the ability to transcend the seasons. EMU Australia employs craftsmen from the famed Jackson’s tannery and its design team soaks up the natural scenery of Australia’s famed Victoria’s Surf Coast in order to find the inspiration for their versatile designs. Aahh. Australia’s sheep culture invokes blessed memories of The Thorn Birds and I am pretty sure that Richard Chamberlain circa 1983 had a major influence on my sweater purchase here. By the way, if you’ve never seen The Thorn Birds, get it immediately and devote a weekend to viewing the mini-series only second to Roots in ratings.

I always encourage you to shop smart despite your current circumstances. Don’t purchase just for the moment because if there is one thing that we can plan in life, it’s our wardrobe. No matter how tired you may feel or chaotic things can be sometimes, clothes have the ability to give us control over something. We choose how much to spend, when to buy it, how to wear it and where we wear it. If that’s not control, I don’t know what is. Be inspired by clothing and if it doesn’t make you look good or feel good get rid of it. There are too many other essential pieces out there to buy. Shop smart. I felt smart making this purchase and plan to purchase the other colors for endless versatility possibilities! Now, I know that it is not available through EMU Australia online (boo!) but my local boutique has informed me that ordering one through them should be no problem so check with yours. Happy Shopping!