Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Busy C is Carter's

Today I ventured into the world of actual pre-Christmas shopping which, yes, is already taking place in stores pretty much everywhere. I was on a shopping hunt of sorts for the perfect gift and voile, it was delivered right up by the very busy Carter’s. This uber popular children’s store is filled to the brim with durable cotton pieces from Preemie hats to schoolboy suits that are sure to have all your little ones covered with minimal cost. It is absolutely one of the most happening stores right now as they are touting discount upon discount on last season’s gear and pushing all of their new seasonal merchandise with markdowns as well. Who can resist especially when it comes to gifts? This is the perfect store for gifts.

I was in search of a dress and did I find it. I love this dress.

Look at these buttons that adorn the back with this satin bow. I also tried knotting it but I think that, sometimes, girls just need bows.

The lining here is a key quality point. Not all pieces these days come with this once essential design element that gives pieces form, shape and body. Consider this a non negotiable when it comes to dresses and look for at least one layer of lining with all dresses no matter the season.

Can you believe these rosette details? They are truly what makes this dress the standout in all of the store. There were plenty of tiny dresses to choose from but there was no question today. The red color is simply to die but see how well it photographs in sepia? Pretty good outlook for your artistic Christmas photos. I love this dress.

Always remember to S.H.O.P.

When going into a shopping situation like this one, it is always best to remember my quick tip. Simplified, its bring your own Sack, Hydrate with water, have payment Options & Plan ahead.

FYI This trip, I knew exactly what I wanted so my plan was set. I had to fight the crowds, discount coupon slinging, and mass amounts of little children (including my own) in order to find this diamond in the rough so sips from my water bottle were very much enjoyed. Good thing I brought some cash because I didn’t buy enough to honor my coupon. No worries. I’ll save that for another gift shopping day. I forgot to grab an additional bag but hey, both my Saky Sacks were full.