Friday, November 4, 2011

Forced Shopping Pays Off

I normally will go through a stationer to handle all things correspondence in our home & at one time even created luxury invites for the much discerning mother. But as time would have it, I lost touch and relied, very heavily, on my stationer. Now, here's the thing about stationers- They are all about strict timelines and ordering dates which, in this particular case, time is something that I just do not have.

I had attempted to purchase some amazing custom invites for my son's birthday but this was so last minute that I could basically pay for the entire party with what it would cost to get them to me as quickly as I needed them. So instead, I honed my crafting days gone by and created these dino-rific invitations for the celebration. They are handcrafted and totally customized which is why, when it comes to the little ones, creating their own personality based invites shows that extra bit of love.
Now it does take plenty of your precious time but they love being a part of all things birthdays. If you choose a theme they love, in our case, with this particular child, dinosaurs was such an engaging topic for him that the time flew by. The whole family joined in the fun as well and became a group effort. The birthday boy helped shop, style & ship his own invitations. I love it!

My inspiration were these cute & colorful bookmarks that worked as the centerpiece of the invite.

This paper is full of rich & naturally toned primary colors that set the feel for the invite as a luxe design with casual appeal. The signature bow is so simple yet pulls the multiple layers all together.

I was basically forced to shop for this last minute project & it paid off. It costs less than a third of what ordering them would be & the whole crew was able to take part in their creation.

Happy Shopping! (even if you are forced to do it)