Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday Goes Vintage

I am just feeling so thankful this Thursday. Good family, good friends, and the good life. I am also so very thankful for vintage shopping. You never ever know what you may, or may not find but this type is shopping has real richness and history to it. Yes, this stuff once belonged to someone else. It may be musty & it may have holes but within those holes is a whole story. Today, because I am so thankful that you are reading this right now, I will share the choicest finds from my latest shopping trip. Enjoy.
This embroidery is unlike any I've seen lately. Doing a bit of research on this one...

This embroidered animal was found on the inside lining of the above. This lining is thick & heavy & beautiful.

We are coming upon the season & I just had to share this Madonna w/ child. Each rendition of this blessed event catches my attention.

This table just popped. The gold details remind me of my grandmother's ornate furniture from my childhood. It's smooth and rich and decadent. I love it.