Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of Thanks: Design Technology is No. 5

I am thankful today for design technology. Look at these super futuristic like shoes. They are Skele-Toes by Fila and they are AMAZING! I have been a runner since I pretty much can remember. My entire family is full of competitive runners and through the years we have all brought home new and inventive technology that would make us run longer and harder. These are my latest contribution and let me tell you, I am so thankful that the ways of the mainstream tennis shoe are being put to the test with the less is more Skele-Toes design. Conventional shoes never fit me as well as these do. They are extra lightweight, easy to put on (no laces), and you can wear them anywhere. Their versatility was seen just on this busy day when I wore them to run errands in the morning, swim lessons in the afternoon and then jogging with my husband at night. Mine have the EZ Slide feature so there is absolutely no hassle getting them off quickly with the tiny bungee cords. What a day and my shoes went with me everywhere. The four-way stretch and durable rubber sole allowed me to. I will use mine mostly for running but it’s really nice to know that I have up an ace up my toes.