Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week of Thanks: Family, of course, is No. 7

Today is officially Thanksgiving and so ends my Week of Thanks with something so cliche that is is perfect. I am thankful for my family. As we all should be. I am going to get a bit personal* and probably not say too much about shopping today but I will say this. Spend time with family no matter where you are in your life. They are the only ones that will really be there for you when the stuff goes down. There is no need for resume inflation amongst family because guess what? We all know your life story. The jig is up. You could have been around these people for 20, 30, or 40 years already and let me tell you that you may have decades more to be around them so you'd better learn to love them. They may get on your nerves at times. Be too loud, too quiet, to silly, too serious, too dumb, too smart and too whatever. Deal with it because they are blood baby, and nothing can change that. Ever. Families are a slice of life and there will be all types that make up each uniquely individual one and remember that you are one of those unique individuals yourself. Though you are great, sometimes others don’t think so but we still love you because you are family.

Now there is the instance that you may not have decades more ahead of you with your family. This is sad but oh so true. Life can change in an instant and you just never know. Next year it could be different or perhaps it was last year that was so different. I cooked in the kitchen all day today with family as we prepped all that is necessary for Thanksgiving Dinner. It is a full throttle event and we did it with two babies “helping out.” It was altogether a whole new experience for all of us in many ways but a memory was definitely made that will never be taken away from our lives together and it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

In case you are wondering our MexiBlAsianCaucasIndo All-American Thanksgiving Menu included: Turkey w/pork stuffing, dressing, gravy, yams, mashed potatoes, steamed squash, homemade rolls, & rice)

I hope that your day is wonderful & please don’t stuff yourselves, people! Just because it is there doesn’t mean that you have to eat it. Same with food as it is with shopping: Only get what you need. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow, I will wish you Happy Shopping. #blackfriday

Many blessings for you today & always ECHF. I know you already know why so thanks again.

We have been through it and there may be more of it in this life. We’re ready and thankful.

*Speaking of personal, did you even notice that I updated my profile pic. You likey??

And yes, to answer the questions, that is me in the photo. I am looking over at all of the amazingly sage shopping advice that I share with you.