Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week of Thanks: Periodically Late is No. 6

My Week of Thanks continues though today was NOT a good day. I have been waiting for one thing in particular to arrive in the mail and it really has nothing to do with gifts. But wait...maybe it is about a gift. When I was little, I spent most Summers with my grandparents as my parents vacationed and had a breathe from all of us. She would without fail gift me subscriptions to Vogue and W Magazine (she always had Vanity Fair for herself). I remember being so thankful when I first read them at her house and then it became something that I began to expect to be there. How ungrateful I was. Now I am without and yes a cliche here: absence makes the heart grow fonder. I miss my mags. I knew all about the travels of Andre Leon Talley and the fast paced lives of fresh faced models before it was probably appropriate for me to know about it.

Perhaps there is a reason why I am a little perturbed yet, still trying to be thankful today. Perhaps it is because of my periodical obsession with Vogue and W Magazines. I was supposed to get them last week. I was supposed to have “no issues ma’am with an address change”. I was supposed to be reading them right now because I was supposed to have posted my continuously late blog of thanks before we went to dinner. Life is full of supposed to’s but living without my magazines has me thinking desperate thoughts like buying it right off of the news stand. I would have to join the ranks of people who spend way too much on last minute magazine purchases at the checkout stand instead of a sub and then the world around me would know about my obsession but yet I am sharing it here aahhh! See how I am going nuts. I need Vogue and W, and Conde Nast Traveler. I love them and read them for style, laughs, tears, release, and inspiration. It is seriously hard being without them as over the last few decades, I have to come rely on them each month. Let’s consider my magazines a cheap form of therapy always there for quick reference to get me back on track. Interesting note: Some how Architectural Digest and Raine Magazine were able to make it to me. The postal service vexes me but I am thankful for them too.

Just so you know, I do Inside work & marketing research for Conde Nast magazines including Vogue, W, and CN Traveler. I am a Beauty writer for Raine Magazine as well. My professional reliance on these magazines paired with my personal obsession creates a wonderfully styled & shopping centric individual. I am not paid to promote any of these companies but do because I love them. Read on!