Monday, November 21, 2011

Week of Thanks: Real People & Real Stylists are No. 3 & 4

Because it is Sunday, I am going to provide a double dose of thankfulness. Firstly, I am thankful for real people. Secondly, I am very truly thankful for real stylists. Stylist. I have seen this word thrown around quite a bit these days and the results I have seen have not been quite so stylish. I am hearing around town that some of these imposters are charging exorbitant fees upwards of $3,000 for styling fees non-inclusive of the required spending budget of $2,500-$4,000. Ri.Dic.U.Lous. I have a real issue when people claim things that are simply not so.

This is my issue. Style is so very subjective, how does one define theirs by someone else’s standards? I am classic chic, my sister is bohemian chic and we are are both absolutely fabulous. No money in the world can define personal style and style help is not worth that kind of money. A stylist is someone with a passion for clothes, a history of the industry, and the resume to back it up. Oh hello Ms. Lynnette Perkins! Having been in the fashion business since 1970, this lady has uber styling credibility. After receiving a degree in fashion merchandising, Lynn began working as a Junior Buyer for a very luxe boutique where she was given immediate access to the fast-moving fashion and design world. She was at the forefront at a young age and a very happening time in the fashion world. She has seen styles come and go...come and go.

Pictured above is Lynnette (far right) handling last minute fashion show plans

As Chic Essentials boutique owner Monna Maddy’s right hand (wo)man, she goes to both local and national apparel & accessory show including Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This type of access gives her a wide range of fashion knowledge and as a buying decision maker, she can select pieces that have style longevity and are essentially chic...

She has over 40 years experience and it shows. I have not only had her choose (& hold) pieces
for me but she has been along with me on last minute whirlwind shopping sprees at the boutique. On an Inside job, I was lucky enough to bear witness as she effortlessly put together a fashion show having chosen the models, outfits, accessories, timing and music just to name a few of the endless details that go into planning a show. The boutique’s show was carried out flawlessly and I shopped directly off the runway.

A bit of icing on the cake and what really gives credibility to her expertise is that Lynnette’s favorite part of styling herself is the undergarments that she wears. “I wear my cami’s and Coobie (bra) under EVERYTHING...Coobie is just the best bra!” If you don’t know, the best thing that you can wear is confidence. The second best thing you can wear is stylish and comfortable undergarments. Did you guys see Gone With the Wind? Scarlett’s Mammy wore a now infamous red silk petticoat making her a fashion icon and bringing luxury undergarments into the light. Any real stylists will tell you that pieces should layer and work together which starts with bras, panties, petticoats, slips and the like. Lynnette knows this
because she is a real stylist. Love her.

Pic right: Lynnette styled herself gorgeous in this silvery baubled piece.

I am thankful for the shopping blessing that is having a real stylist in my life. She advises and critiques and my wardrobe has never been better. Just in case you were wondering, her favorite in-store brands are EMU Australia for their luxe fabrics, Mac & Jac, Conrad C. & Dish Jeans.

Thank you to Monna and the entire Chic Essentials team for your candor, shopping patience with me and amazing selection of blouses, jeans, pants, scarves, accessories, etc.... Your luxe shope was a beacon in the boutique world and that is why I have been so devoted. To B. Stew: my thoughts have been with you & a very devoted thanks to you for all of your help in the past. Separately you are fabulous & combined create an AMAZING team!