Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week of Thanks: Red Door is No. 2

It is no secret that I am an avid Red Door Spas patron. I have told you of their first class service and their role as the first real luxury spa in America in previous posts. But there are a few things something only an Insider would know from delving into the luxury treatment week after week. Today, as no. 2 in my Week of Thanks, I am so very thankful to owe all of my relaxtion therapy these past few months to the Red Door location at The Bravern in Bellevue, WA. This ultra-luxe shopping venue combines the outdoors with sleek sophistication with iron-laden design and very high-end retailers. Brooks Brothers, Neiman Marcus, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Silberman Brown Stationers, Trophy Cupcakes, Anthropologie & many more stores create the posh atmosphere surrounding Red Door Spas. I always told my old stylist, Bethenny that she was so lucky to work in an environment that was seemingly so surrounded by peace and tranquility. There was, as there will always be, usual chatter amongst the ladies who lunch & spa but nothing unbearable or inappropriate. I love their no talking on your cell phone rule though I must admit the sign does not say no tweeting...

Though she was very young, my regular stylist Bethenny had some serious skills and a true willingness to learn. My hair seems easy to condition and style into a poof. But there is way more to it than that and she was fully aware. By choosing the key products and taking the extra time to get my hair just right each visit, I now have myself a full on regimen that is manageable and easy. But truth be known, I miss the hell out of her & still wish she could do my hair. It just always look better when you have it done. Why is that? Is it the signature massage that should accompany each appointment, or their access to the best products available. I don’t know but whatever the reason, I feel that it is worth every penny to get the coif equipped when the budget allows.

Please refer to my spa tips here for maximum enjoyment.

So perhaps I am a bit obsessed with spa going but I recently visited the Red Door Spa in
San Francisco while on vacation and though it was not quite the same as my old Bravern regular, Hair Colorist and Stylist Peter Henrichs did his very best to make me feel at home. Each spa has a completely different feel. The Bravern location’s design is modern and very clean, while the San Francisco location has very rich elements with original wood floors and views of some of the busiest streets in the city. The one supremely reigning similarity at both locations was that staff professionalism and standards were at the top of their game and really, I expected nothing less. Front desk staff can make it or break it for me and Red Door trains them well, as I’ve never had a scheduling, or in my case, rescheduling problem. Stylists know their strengths and are encouraged to exhibit them with each client whether it be coloring, ethnic hair or cuts. The entire team works together to offer all things luxe in the spas I visited.

All I know is that is that Santa better leave me some Red Door Spa gift certificates for my near future visit to the Dallas location. I will be extra thankful then, too. Red Door is now on my list of Favorite Things I plan on giving this year. Aren’t my friends lucky?

Thanks to the entire Red Door Spa Team at The Bravern. I loved that I found you just in time to be touched by your expertise and luxury. Luckily, my hair will never be the same