Friday, December 9, 2011

How It All Comes Together

This outfit below pretty much defines my shopping style and why I write this blog. Simply stated, I seek out the best at any store anywhere for rock bottom prices on luxury goods. I went vintage and second hand shopping today and completed outfits for the entire family. This is the best skill anyone can teach you in shopping and I work very hard at it because it saves me both time and money. Time and money are very important factors when it comes to shopping and you will learn to value them both. I must go a bit further and reiterate what I have been so preachy about since the beginning. There are 3 things that I encourage you to try and do each time you shop (you can thank me later.):

1. Shop locally and frequently
Stay around your 15-25 mile radius and you will find a plethora of shopping opportunities. Save those long distant outlet ventures and destination shopping trips for special occasions only.
2. Never sacrifice garment quality
Stick to brands you trust and know fit you well. It is wasteful to purchase pieces you will never wear. Also remeber the 3 F’s of Shopping at secondhand or resale stores: No faux*, frays or fading. Just because you are getting it at a discount, it does not have to look cheaply made or worn.
3. Shop for only what you need
I shopped today out of necessity and found my latest acquisitions at the right place and the right price. You never know what you will find as styles change and move along. But essential pieces, especially by Ralph Lauren will always be around everywhere when you need them.

Outfit Breakdown:

Jeans DKNY from a vacation destination’s local Goodwill.

Paid $6 Originally $40

Ralph Lauren white oxford from vacation destination's Salvation Army

Paid $2 Originally $70

Photo Shoot Change Up

Scarf is by Gucci and was a gift purchased from the outlet

Paid $145 Originally $470

Outfit total: $153
Without discounts: $580
Savings of over $400!!!

These are all very high quality name brand items that were purchased at a very steep discount. You too can find deals like this and you don’t have to be lucky enough to travel a lot. Most importantly, you must be willing to seek out shopping alterntives like outlets, vintage, & second hand that are in your vicinity. It’s just smart shopping that will pay off in no time.