Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Advise You to EMU

Now, I know that I seemingly talk and Tweet about my EMU Mini Stinger boots all of the time but that is because I am absolutely in love with them. I wear them everywhere I go these days and I cannot help it. Not only are they totally a style must have as the days grow much, much colder but it seems as though everyone is the very proud owner of a pair
or two, or three. Examples you ask? I give shopping advice, promote products and offer tips on a site called ShopSquad. There were about a dozen inquiries about sheepskin boots and you bet your sweet bippy that I raved all about my fabulous EMU pair.

I just cannot say enough nice things about them so here is your chance to put my advice to the test and shop for your own luxurious pair. Just scroll through my blog and you will see that I only give very candid reviews of products that I buy or am given to review. I do not see the need in offering up bad advice especially about shopping and I NEVER joke about where to spend money. I try to only recommend the best of the best and today is no exception. Perfect for the upcoming season and accompanying weather, let EMU be a part of your cold weather gear.