Monday, December 12, 2011

Join The {r}evolution

As I writer, there are many new trends, ideas and cultures that I am privy to. I love being introduced to a fresh topic and then delving in to fully understand all angles of it.

My latest story is a piece I wrote for and they introduced me to the newly launched {r}evolution apparel. This eco-friendly design house is creating the future of clothing & our Dear Mother Earth with their ingenious piece, The Versalette, made from 100% recycled fabric. It can be worn over 15 ways. Yes. 1 EcoLuxury piece. 15 different styles. Talk about saving space & shopping smart.

Read my full length write-up about the amazing line here. I plan to join the {r}evolution myself by pledging to the campaign and cannot wait to receive my goodies in the mail. I’ll keep you all posted. Happy Eco-Shopping!