Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BFM Goes #HolidaySocial

As we speak, Built for Man, the premiere men’s luxury clothing company in Seattle, is hosting a holiday social. Not only do I currently handle the web editing for this company, but the amazing brand fits my Eco-Luxury category becausethe Built for Man founder and Creative Director Francisco Hernandez (right in white) is fully aware of our dear Mother Earth and the impact that many companies’ production practices have on the environment. Finding sustainable, fair and equitable production practices have led him to Peru where he has established The Loom Project. This amazing program pays rural workers (seen making scarf tassels below) a fair wage so that they can create some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing completely done by hand. For instance, look as this handsome scarf. Have you seen anything more perfect for the season?

Though I have yet to release a “Favorite Things” post, this beautiful scarf is definitely at the top of my list for the guys or girls, even. Built for Man’s line is so versatile, you will find that most pieces can be stolen back and forth from both of you & your significant others closets. How wonderful is that? Buying one piece to serve two...It doesn’t get much better than that in the shopping world. This one shown here in ash is made from Suri Alpaca, a renewable source of some of the finest materials in the world. It’s rich and luxurious and you will LOVE it. The weather is getting crazy cold out there and layering is key to staying warm. This doesn’t mean that you have to look ridiculous trying to add pieces for protection from the dropping temps. This extra long and plush scarf is not only a true statement piece but adding it to your wardrobe will set you apart from most anyone you know. Unless, of course, you happen to buy one for a friend as a gift and that would be very merry & nice.

I have no doubt that the party will be fabulous because I have been seeing tweets all day #holidaysocial and the lucky VIP attendees will be privy to viewing the entire line and able to shop for their own favorite pieces or stock up on some gifts. From dress shirts, and tunics to arm warmers and hats, the line produces them all in Eco-Luxurious style. Happy Shopping!

Worker pic: Frederico Romero
Pic (left): Christine Buffalow
Other pics: me