Monday, December 26, 2011

Shopping for the Nontraditional

We shopped at Whole Foods for the best natural and organic foods to complete our Christmas meal. The menu was totally non-traditional and featured seared Ahi Tuna and portabello mushrooms. It was delish and the cook this year was none other than my baby brother. That was really the true Christmas miracle. Nonetheless in serious foodie style, he shopped for each and every ingredient and he found it all at the natural food giant that is Whole Foods Market. They have taken the world by storm since they opened in Austin, TX in 1980 & has stood by their original offerings of only the best in natural and organic foods. Well we saw why. Kosher salt, skirt steak, organic mixed greens & cherry tomatoes, edible flowers & cage free eggs were all readily available even when he was shopping in the witching hours of Christmas Eve.

I love all of the natural food we can shop for at PCC, Sprout, Whole Foods and farmer's markets these days. Yes people argue the price point is more than it is at other mainstream grocery shops but I have ranted about it before & nothing has changed. If you want the good stuff, you are going to have to pay for it. Doesn't your body deserve the best? Well, we dined on the best & had a very Merry Christmas. Read all about our meal here!