Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Male Holiday Shopper

So after yesterday's shopping catastrophe over the new Nike Air Jordan XI Concords, I hope that you are all shopping safely on this, the last day before Christmas. I will keep it short and say in regards to last minute shopping, e-gift cards are a great way to go so that you can avoid the retail mania that will ensue today. (Purchase them directly on the left sidebar)

I must also do a small critique of the male holiday shopper. As the women have been fussing over the perfect presents for all of our loved ones. Not only that, we have to coordinate gifts being sent in the mail, holiday cards, and gift wrap. Many of the men folk save all of this for the last minute and today in particular. I have had one retail Insider inform me that they can make great commission off of the male shoppers on Christmas Eve and by the reports of their purchases, many women will be very happy. We are spending Christmas with family this year and I have watched the majority of the dozen or so males that make up our extended brood head to the shops for gifts in the last 24 hours. They have gone in groups, in the middle of the night, payed the premium for gift wrapping services and their gifts, like the ones we've had prepped for weeks, will all be under the beautifully decorated trees in the morning. We all will reach the same goal in our own different way and that is ok. Especially at Christmas. Put all of your differences aside, relax, and eat lots of food tomorrow. No more shopping after tonight. Save that for all of the after Christmas sales next week! 

Happy Shopping today & Merry Christmas tomorrow.