Monday, December 12, 2011

Time for Shows & Shopping

It is of my opinion that every family should attend the Nutcracker Ballet every year. When I think of shopping, I am known to put many things in my circle of knowledge and that includes how you spend your money on quality entertainment. You have many choices when you shop for shows throughout the year but something that creates family tradition, especially during the holidays, is The Nutcraker Ballet feat. the works of Tchaikovsky. You cannot really argue price here as I have been to $15/seat shows and $250/seat shows. While the seat may have been better, the story was mostly the same and I was there with my family. You cannot put a price tag on that.

What you can put a pricetag on is what you and the family wear because it calls for a whole separate wardrobe. One of my favorite reasons to go is to see what everyone is going to wear for this very traditional event. It is a veratile mix of the seasons best and worst. Some go casual and some go all out or even over the top. Though casual dress is usually reserved for matinee shows, evening performances will have you decked out in something as lovely as this from White House/Black Market. It is definitely a classic 50’s styled dress and the lace is so feminine. This dress is perfect for the evening and didn’t she looked perfect in it? I am biased because black is my favorite color. Absolutely perfect for whenever.

So not only will The Nutcracker inject you with a bit of culture, it will also give you a reason to shop for the season. You can also shop for this dapper Nutcracker shown here. Perfect gift for the show! I would normally urge you to simply go and shop, but in this case, with the ballet, I will just urge you to go. Choose a time befitting of your family schedule, budget, & wardrobe in order to get the best Nutcracker experience. Be sure to really support the arts and invite a whole group to start new and/or continue traditions this year. Remember to dress accordingly, or as your grandmother would say for special occasions, wear your Sunday best. Enjoy the show and seasonal fashions.

Not into getting all dressed up for the occcassion? Try this appropriately colored necklace from White House/Black Market that can add dazzle to any holiday ensemble.