Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top 5 For 2011

Today is the last day of the year. I am off to prep for an early dinner with my husband and then an evening with the children at home. Before I go I must list my top five finds of 2011. Because I take shopping seriously, I sample and try a lot in order to go Inside the products and pieces that I report back for you here. 

 1. Louis Vuitton. I try to add to my collection at least once a year and this year was no different. I opted for a small essential piece that I am looking at as I type. 

2. Natural products. Made from Earth & The Orange Owl are my top picks in my samplings this year. They stick to very high standards in production and content and I love that. I use them in my own or my family's daily routine & cannot imagine our grooming without them. 

3. Vogue Magazine. This is my absolute favorite periodical for many reasons. Images, stories, and product recommendations are just a few of my reasons for keeping this in my life for what is decades now. I read it monthly and go online pretty much all of the time. No year would be complete without it. 

4. Chanel. They & their highly trained staff saved my face in a pinch. Their customer service is on par with their reputation. 

5. Saks Fifth Avenue. This luxury store is the reason I shop and I ended my year finding pieces of my #NYE outfit from here. 
I offer advice here free of charge and all of my reviews are based on my actual experience with the products and services featured in each post. I am real and love to shop for the good stuff. I will always urge you to find the deals on top quality & luxury items. I have encouraged it all year and will continue to do so in the next. That is my contribution, however small. #shopsmart2012

Happy Shopping and Happy New Year!