Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Faces: Clarisonic Brings Luxury Home

While tonight's focus was on the fabulous Golden Globe Awards and all that the stars won & wore, I looked deep into their faces and could only wonder, what is their skin secret? They have seamless, flawless, skin and while rumors fly of late night beauty treatments and thousands invested in plastic surgery procedures, we all have to start somewhere. My belief is that it is with a fresh, clean palette. From the red carpet to vacuming the carpet, our faces and bodies are exposed to a lot. Makeup, smog, bacteria, dust, and fluctuating temperatures have negative affects on your skin like penetrating the layers and clogging pores. Rosacea, flakiness, and irritation are real problems that real people, celebrity and lay person alike, deal with. The professional solution available for you is this amazing tool, the Clarisonic. It is so cool & when using it I go into my own world & come out refreshed and relaxed. May be the best 60 seconds of my day some days...

If you're a spa devotee, this tool may already be your best friend. For those of you who are unfamiliar, cleansing is the key step in your beauty routine and the Clarisonic takes it to a whole other level. With the power to remove 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt than conventional cleaning, it prepares your face for the rest of the products in your daily routine. By spending only 1 minute a day, your face will seriously see improved lines and cleaner pores. I was introduced to the Clarisonic by my own esthetician over 5 years ago & I have been sold. Now, in an effort to do serious research, I did purchase Clarisonic competitors that are very easily available over the counter. While they are a fraction of the price of the Clarisionic they did not do the job in my opinion. My skin felt the cleanest and there were no dry or oily patches all day long while the others left something to be desired.

Here are my highlights:
1. It is a luxury item that is now available for home use-what could be better than that sort of access? Contact your esthetician for the Pro & other lines are available from finer retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora & Amazon.

2. You can see results very quickly. My pores are smaller and my tone is way more even. I love it. I hate to invest in products and then be disappointed. This one won’t do it to you. You will be amazed. Everyone does have different skin so use wisely and as with any product, just don’t overdo it.

3. It has accessories to go with it which means you can do more shopping! Though not at all necessary, the availability of the multiple brush heads is such a bonus for me. You can get a few for the family to keep their own. Sensitive, Delicate, Deep Pore and Body (w/ Pro Only) brushes are some additional options you can purchase to meet all of your cleansing needs.

My Tip: I clean mine every couple of days with 2 drops of Dr. Bronner’s Soap and a good hot rinse. I am a germaphobe and it’s a natural & gentle cleanser so my brush heads are always clean & ready to be used.

If you did watched the Golden Globes tonight or follow me on twitter were with me on Twitter catching a virtual glimpse into the fashions of the evenings, you know that it is a beauty hotbed. (@BagSnob & @Saks kept me in the know as the red carpet changed with a tweet by tweet update) A place to see the finest at their finest. My choice of the evening was Debra Messing who wore a black (of course) Monique Lhullier (to die for) dress. Her look, including her 43 year old flawless face was the epitome of Hollywood elegance that we associate with the stars. Charlize in Dior (loved her headband) looked like an angel face as always. Angelina wore a striking Aterlier Versace that featured a red accent and her visage was like smooth milk.

My Tip: I use mine in the am and pm without any negative affects. Don’t press hard and let the brush do the job. Use your own products with the brush if you are alreay happy with the results.

These ladies of the night put in some work to look camera ready and it all begins with those beautiful faces. I doubt that any one of them would attest to a simple soap and water routine to achieve that level of beauty but how many normal people who use that routine can also say that they are looking their best? But we will never really know what they do in their own bathrooms. It takes a bit of effort to be all that we can be but many women from all walks of life have agreed that Clarisonic is their beauty secret. It simply cleans the best. Well, in reality, I am not a star but I love my beauty gadget. It works and I recently received a compliment on my very tired, mother, wife and all the rest it skin. This is because of my Clarisonic devotion. I only write this long about the good stuff.
See full Clarisonic instructions for accurate details.

All opinions are my own & I received no compensation for this review of Clarisonic.