Monday, January 9, 2012

It Girl Tricia Mann: A Beautiful Package

"There are two things that you can go shopping for without getting upset: cosmetics & shoes"
-Tricia Mann

Photo Michael Moe
A few mornings ago, I had the privilege of speaking, at length, to Tricia Mann, Beauty & Fashion Editor for DList Magazine. She is also an entrepreneur, model, mogul & beauty obsessed. When she called back (another conference call had run over), Tricia was sitting in her home overlooking Lake Union. We jumped right in, but...Wait. Let me back up. We actually met at a fashion show we both attended a few months back & this is how I spotted her. See pic right.

Looking fzabulous. In a crowd where everyone is dying to be seen, Tricia had a truly natural and understated beauty that intrigued me. I had to know more. Beautiful face & amazingly styled clothes was just up my inquisitive alley. Fast forward to last week. Between crazy schedules, life changes, children, work and business, we managed to carve out some time to get to the bottom of Tricia's passion for beauty.

"I have always loved make-up. Ever since I was a little girl, I would dress my sisters up adorning them with heavy eye shadow and 1980's gear. My mother would have to run in the room & tell me to stop. She says that she knew then."

Makeup by Tricia Eastman
Tricia has moved on from those secret beauty sessions with her sisters to putting her styling abilities in the forefront for all to see. She began modeling at 18 and by 20 had landed herself a freelancing position with YSL. Soon after, Tricia was being sought after by local businesses boutiques for her expertise and began building brands from the bottom up stocking them with luxury products like La Mer and Carita Paris Diamond Creme. Her laundry list of clients includes Hotel 1000, Willows Lodge & Spa, Blinc Mascara and the famed Frenchy's of Seattle. From spa menus to intense employee training Tricia experienced it all. She also was a major player in her family's uber successful Tropical Tan franchise whose streamlined marketing concept has catapulted them into the spotlight. "I am very hands on with all of my business ventures and I know what I am good at. I am able to get in there and build my team up and give them the knowledge to succeed."  She traveled the globe studying the ins and outs of quality products down to the molecular level and by the end of our conversation, we were discussing parabens and sulfates. Not your typical stylist & makeup consultant. She truly is one of the best in the industry which is why her artistic creations (above) come out flawlessly.
Photo Doug Behtzgold

As any good interviewer, I had a list of questions to ask but we strayed far from that path. My favorite real moment of the now conversation was when I had Tricia to open up her beauty cases. Now I could have said, "What are your favorite products to use?" She would have spouted off a few big cosmetic names but this was way more fun. To go Inside of a stylists beauty treasure trove is the thing of legends for a product junkie like me & quite a privilege for us all. What was inside the experts bag? To name a few: MAC, Laura Mercier, Dior, YSL, Urban Decay, Nars, Chantecaille, Graftobian, Davines Organics & Bare Escentuals. This was only one bag.

As for clothes, Tricia keeps it comfortable but creative. Clothes should should make you feel proud and wearing what you want is your right. She shops at Nordstroms & boutiques mostly but Ulta & Sephora for all things beauty. What is her inspiration for beauty and style? "It is ok for women to be sexy and this is what I strive to do with myself & each styling. Don't overdo it. Just let it naturally come through. We are women who are naturally attractive and sexiness is just a part of who we are." 

She learned early from her mentor at Aveda, who also happens to be the creator of the Aveda Concept Spas, to dig deep into the realm of beauty and cosmetics. The chemicals that we put onto our bodies is so important which is why Tricia has created a living out of finding the best products available and then using them for her beauty picks for DList Magazine & styling projects. You can also find her instructional videos on YouTube. (search Tricia Mann). 

My suggestion? Listen to the experts like Tricia & before you shop, please check out this site for individual & specific cosmetic & beauty product info

Thank you, Tricia. Stay beautiful.