Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shop For EcoLuxury and ecoTOOLS

Foundation Brush tip shown
In an effort to update my look, I headed out to Ulta Beauty for the afternoon. Away from the children and husband, I caught a much needed break from it all for a day of shopping and quick beauty maintenance. I have been away from home for a while which means that I am also away from my favorite spot Red Door Spa which is my usual choice for escape. I am not in the vicinity of one now so I was in search for something to help quench my thirsty locks. Upon recommendation from a friend, I found a stylist at Ulta and started my day away there. But where it ended is what I am most thrilled to share with you. 
Tweeted this photo from Ulta
Redken products are used in the salon

After my treatment, I, of course, shopped the entire store for all of their luxe goodies by brands from Redken to Nioxin. I searched and down the aisles. From makeup and haircare, to bath and babies, they have it all.

My choice of the afternoon were these two EcoLuxurious  Bamboo makeup brushes by ecoTOOLS. They are a break from my normal animal hair brushes being made from synthetic & cruelty-free Taklon bristles. The handle is made from the very sustainable bamboo and recycled aluminum holds it all together. It creates a modern, clean appearance and also comes with its own reusable pouch. The bristles are so soft and the staff at Ulta promised even application with each stroke. Sold. Packaging is so key for me and one of my favorite highlights of this product are the Green Tips on the back. Mine reads, "Buy fresh foods. Frozen food uses 10 times more energy to produce." I cannot wait to use my brushes! There are lots of reviews online so I hope that these will live up the their rep on the net.

The purchase of these tools gives 1% FOR THE PLANET which donates to environmental organizaitons that create a healthier place to live.