Saturday, January 7, 2012

Borrowed Baubles

Tonight I attended an art event that, as is the case in most cities, is hosted the first friday of each month. There is normally plenty of art involved and I actually used to volunteer at the very space exhibiting whose artists, events & displays are known nationwide. However, this particular evening ended up being a reunion of sorts of prep school days gone by, and though I was the first to leave the party, it was so so much fun. Now, before the nostalgia set it in, outfits had to be chosen and shopping had to be done. I didn't need any money this time around, though. I had the advantage of being able to shop in longtime friend and the very stylish uber-event planner Tina Alvarado's closet. I have said it before, her wardrobe is like a fashion mecca. You can find all of the luxury classics as well as pieces that hit on the latest trends in the design world and I feel pretty lucky to have had access to all of her treasures tonight. Being an overly tired, hungry and generally worn-out mother (I am building my case here), I sought Tina's very extensive accessories(...sss) closet and natural styling expertise. After she vetoed what I thought was a very fun & very happening thing I was trying out with a scarf tied around my wrist, I ultimately chose the piece featured above from many other very appealing pieces. She seriously has it all from diamonds, to pearls, to turquoise. These large beads were a bit of a departure for me but the tortoise shell, tooth-shaped clasp was what absolutely drew me in. I love unique features like these which can be worn in either the front or back extending the accessorizing possibilities. Very EcoLuxurious. 

Funny note, I though it was black all night and given my obsession with the color is truly one of the other reasons I chose this piece. However, under further inspection, it is actually a very dark navy blue. Very discerning and very gorgeous. 

Shopping doesn't always have to break the bank, especially when you have friends with amazing taste. It is ok to shop & swap in each other's closets sometimes and here are 
2 Basic Borrowing Rules of Thumb:
1. Don't become a mooch.
2. Return the borrowed item in the same condition or better if it needs to be dry-cleaned.